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Who doesn’t want to hire the best professional car shipping companies when it comes to shipping their car? But it isn’t that easy as people think it is. There are three ways in which you will be able to find the best auto transport companies and then one category among these two can be segregated into further more categories. The categories are defined as below:
  • Online internet search.
  • Asking quotes from shipping companies.
  • Asking from friends and family.

An Online internet search for best Car transport companies in the USA:

The most efficient way is to make an online search. In online internet research, there will be thousands upon thousands of companies pitching their company as the best car transport company which is fully bonded, insured and on which you can rely on. But the reality is far away from this as there are a handful of companies that you can put your trust in. Finding them is also a laborious task and after digging a while you will realize that it’s like looking for “A needle in a haystack” The companies on which you can rely on are the ones that practice things differently and which is the determining factor of their success. The best auto shipping companies provide a form to fill after which your broker of the vehicle transport company will provide you several quotations and these legion of shippers will provide you there quotations instead of asking you for quotations from every single shipper by emailing and calling them it’s better to discover a reliable auto transport company which most probably will be a top-notch company because in the business of a season is enough to filter out all the lead aggregators and the Ponzi schemes running companies. So it’s always better to select a top-notch company that has been in the business in the worst of economic turmoils. Since online search is the most credible and the most frequently used way to find reliable automobile companies but there are still some factors that you need to be very vigilant about such as:



  • Auto transport reviews of the company: We should inculcate the famous saying that is “Facts never lie” when it comes to reviews given by people. There should be a considerable amount of weight that should be given to reviews by the customer as the major part of it is really organic whereas some part of it can be ignored by bearing in mind that there are some people who are big fans of instant gratification and always ask for more which never makes them satisfied. If you are shrewd enough then you can turn these odds into your favor by analyzing those negative reviews and asking the company for some kind of compensation.
  • Scrutinize the auto shipping companies website: Not every reliable automobile transport company will turn out to be the best car shipping company for you. This is a statement which really must have made you raise your eyebrows as in all of the article I have been beating around the bush to find a reliable car transport company and here I have changed my statement. Actually, the fact of the matter is, that you have to check by visiting the company’s website whether the services they are providing a match with your needs or not. Let say, You may ask them about shipping a truck whereas they only ship cars and motorcycles. You need extra precautionary measures during the transit of your vehicle while the company doesn’t provide such services. So, before making any move visit their website.
  • Visit better business bureau to check the reliability of the transport company: An essential factor the reliability of the company can be checked and verified by Better business bureau which shows that whether they are facing any kind of fraudulent charges or not or any complaints. If yes, then it definitely hurts the credibility of the car shipping company as there huge claims would be proven as a house of cards and if you are finding the best transport companies of US then you should definitely ignore this kind of companies.

Asking for quotes from different car transport companies:

This is something that isn’t recommended from my side as calling them will cost you money for getting quotes and who has the time for emailing dozens of car transporters? The reason to avoid getting quotes from transportation companies is that after a while you will get tired of making calls and sending emails and you will be unable to conduct proper research. Along with conducting insufficient research, you may also become a victim of the snake oil salesman that is willing to sell you their service by hook or by crook without even bothering how much jeopardy they are putting you in.
Still, if you choose this way it’s best to ask for the company about proper details with evidence of their documents. These documents may include the two vital documents mentioned below:
  • Document of Transport (DOT).
  • Insurance Coverage.  
These documents are imperative for running a car shipping company. Insurance coverage should also be kept in mind while getting the quotes as almost all the reliable auto transporters give full insurance coverage.

Materializing the power of word of mouth while choosing the best auto shipping company:

The most authentic way considered is to ask from people who have already used the said service. Because they have “Been there, done that”.Why would a person give a wrong review about a company if it has done no harm it? You only need to confirm from a bunch of people and you will get the information regarding the pre and post service of the company and all about the procedures which the company takes the customer through during the process of shipment. But again, there will always be a chance of betterment so the drawback here is that even if the customers you have asked are completely satisfied with the company there is still a chance that it may not be the best car transport company. The question arises that why to get less when you can get more?. 5 to 10 people won’t be able to give you the holistic view about the auto transport company when your goal is to discover the best transport company and why not utilize the power of technology and take a review from 100,000 people instead of relying on the information collected by 5 to 10 people.


The bottom line is wherever the masses are is usually the right way to go because 1000 people could be wrong but it’s almost impossible that 100,000 people built an opinion which in the air and has no rationality in it. The most frequently used way to ship your car is to select a “Vehicle transport company” whereas there are several other ways to go such as Train, Airplane and driving yourself etc but the eyeballs of people are stuck at the auto transporters is the proof that they are satisfied by this way the most. By this, you have come to a conclusion that the best way is to ship your car with the help of an automobile transport company whereas you have also got lucky today by knowing how to select the best car transport company in the USA.

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