Best time to buy and deliver car
Whether you are having a shipment of the new car or a used one, your excitement would be immeasurable. As you would be overwhelmed with joy to take the first ride of your beloved car and a little worried as you’d have probably spent a fortune on it.
Most of the people look forward to getting a discount on the purchases. Sometimes even wait for the best time of the year in order to avail the discounts offered by the manufacturers and dealers.
If you are planning to buy a car this year and looking for a good some advice from a savvy buyer. Then we think you should look people’s buying experiences of the car.
My Experience With Buying a Car From a Dealership
One important tip to remember from the above buying experience is that,
The ball is always in your court!

Best time to buy and ship a car

One of the ways to buy a car is during the last days of the year. If you have your old car in good condition and you can survive with it until the end of this year.
Have a little patience, it’ll definitely be worth it to wait December in order to buy a new one because these dealers have annual quotas for the sales target.
Winter is probably the best season to buy a new car. Even if you are buying from outside the country, you might also get a discount on the shipping service.
By this, you may get the delivery of the new car at a very reasonable price.
In order to buy a car in a reasonable price and in good running condition, you have to acquire a certain set of negotiating skills to buy an ideal car. This skill would be pretty handy when dealing with the fast-talking salesman of car dealerships.


Let’s be more specific,

They offer a great discount on cars in order to accomplish the target. The dealers become a little on edge in December and their only goal is to hit the annual sales target asap.
One of the websites who offer good discounts on cars is Auto Blog.
What if December is gone recently?
You are probably thinking that “do I have to wait for the next December?”
The answer is “No”, There are still a few other options for you to avail the discount on buying a new car.

Wait for the Launch of New Model

There is a limited space in the showroom of the car dealerships as they have to showcase numerous brands of car with the updated model.
Whenever the company launches a new model, the dealers are liable to push the previous and display the new ones as per the public demand.
In this situation, the dealers give the huge discount on previous models in order to empty the space for the exhibition of the latest models.
So, Keep an eye on the upcoming models of your desired brand and get the discount that you’re looking for.

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Before Closing the Dealership

If the salesman could not make any sale in the entire day or did not achieve the daily target, then you came in the nick of time at their dealership just a few minutes before closing.  
They will prioritize making a deal with you rather than putting the closed sign on the door. In the end, you will get the well deserving discount by negotiating with the sales staff by visiting the dealership at the eleventh hour.

If you buy a new car or a year or two old car, we suggest to hire an enclosed auto transport to ship your car to your desired location.

Good day to take the shipment of your new car:

Some of few better days to buy and ship your new car. These are as follows,

On Stormy Days

Most of the people do not buy a car on stormy days that’s why the dealers are anxious about the daily sales.
When you reach the dealership during this season. The sales staff won’t let you go at any cost even they will compromise on their profits to make a deal.
You will definitely find a great discount on your car as they consider the fact that “Something is better than nothing”

On Black Friday

This day is considered as the biggest shopping day of the year, especially in the United States.
You may get the discount that you’re looking for over several items on this day.

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Same happens with the car manufacturers and dealerships, they offer a lot of discounts on different brands to capture the attention of customers and to sell out on soon-to-be outdated models.

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