Many people wonder that, can they buy a car directly from the factory. The bitter truth is you can special order your car from the factory, but through dealer not directly. However, 15% of buyers specially order their vehicles from the factory. Basically, manufacturers don’t have direct sale portals for consumers, they sell the bulk to dealers. Therefore, domestically in the US or internationally in both terms, it is not possible to buy a car directly from the factory.

It is a well-known quote;” when there’s a will, there’s a way.” While you cannot buy a car directly from the manufacturer but you can get your desired car with your dream specs through a dealer. Ordering a car facility is beneficial for those people who are reluctant to compromise on color or other special specs and can’t locate the desired car in their jurisdiction.  Perhaps you are aiming to buy a car for business and you need it in a specified color scheme to match with the company’s logo. Or in case you are planning to buy vehicles for the construction business, a delivery service or a taxi company then you probably need the cars in bulk and in analogous configurations. Before ordering you need to keep in mind that not all manufacturers will let you order at your suitable time period.  However, some dealers like; Honda and Acura they order their vehicles on a quarterly basis. Consequently, for a specific order, you must consult with the fleet manager shortly prior to the quarterly order placement time.

Delivery Time Duration

Delivery time duration varies from eight weeks to three months. It depends upon the location of the factory and the number of orders placed ahead of you. If a car is manufactured in Europe, then it would take around three months, while a domestically manufactured car will be delivered in eight weeks.

Now let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of special orders.


  •    You can get your desired car with all your required equipment and specific color.
  •    Some vehicles you cannot find in stock with dealers, so in that case special order is the only solution to get it like; pickup trucks come in varied options and configurations that it’s nearly impossible for a dealer to stock them all.
  •    Mostly in special order cases, dealers offer a good deal because this is an easy sale for them and they don’t incur any financial cost for keeping the car in inventory.


  •    Long delivery time
  •    Might be you won’t get the same incentives at the time of delivery, which was offered by the automaker at the time of placing an order.
  •    Most special orders are limited to domestic brands.

Steps to order a custom car from the automaker

Follow these guidelines while ordering a custom car;

  1. Figure out what exactly you want and how will you equipped the car.
  2. Don’t rush to select an item from the options list provided by the automakers. Every single item will cost you more. Don’t add less popular options it will decrease your car’s resale value. Before finalizing any special feature, you must think twice and calculate the resale value as well.
  3. Always plan ahead.
  4. Choose the suitable and trustworthy dealer.
  5. Negotiate the price of the car just like you are buying on the lot. Ordering a vehicle doesn’t mean you lost your ability to negotiate.
  6. Ensure that the deposit is refundable.
  7. Document the verbal dealing with writing. Make sure correct price and specs are entered into the agreement.

In which scenarios’ ordering a custom car is beneficial?

There are various cases where special ordering can be a great approach.

  •    When you don’t want to pay for unnecessary features.
  •    When you want a specific configured vehicle.
  •    When you want a vehicle that has little inventory available

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