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Taking assistance from a broker is always a good option these days unless you are dealing with your wife, then it would surely make things worse. Otherwise normally third party consultation works fine at both ends.
A broker is simply a person who is being hired for the purpose of negotiating any sort of deal or agreement which is beneficial for you.

Why we need car brokers?

It is mainly because they do all the hard work of taking quotes, doing the research,  the paperwork and taking follow-ups. But the hard work is not the only reason behind their growing popularity. Intermediaries have the expertise in what they do. They have a strong network in the market. They always have a good eye for discounts which help their clients to close the deal at a discounted rate. In this way, they help the clients by saving their time and money.
These intermediaries can be found in any industry as they provide a medium through which deals get done. All mediators are not the same. Some really do provide quality services to their clients and make things easy for them. But that’s not the case everytime you work with them sometimes they do make things difficult and annoying for you.
The significance of these middlemen differs from industry to industry. But if we talk about auto transportation industry then in this industry car shipping brokers are of great importance. They save great time and effort by finding reliable car shipping carriers for you. They ensure that your car gets delivered on time safely. These intermediates play an important role in finding the right price which matches your budget requirement.

How much does a car broker charge?

Yes, of course, these intermediaries do not provide these services for free. So, the question remains How much does a car broker charge?
These car transport brokers charge typically around $ 140 – $ 300 per delivery or maybe more, it seems too much but if you look at the expenses this fee will balance out each penny they earn per delivery.


Vehicle transport broker fee changes due to different elements. Let’s consider some scenarios.
  • Suppose you want to ship your vehicle in peak winters, the weather is super cool and roads are completely covered with the snow. The road conditions would create a great number of difficulties for the car carrier. But you need to ship your car so you will find an auto broker and ask him that you want to ship your car. It will be difficult for the intermediators to find an auto shipping carriers to move your car. The truck driver will also demand more to ship your car in such conditions due to this the auto transport broker will charge more from you.
  • Let’s consider another scenario; It’s the summertime and you have promised your children that you will take them to Texas. But in summer both the demand and prices of auto shipping are skyrocket and it’s so difficult to find auto shippers this time around. So you will call auto shipping broker to book your shipments they need to dive into their database to see which car carrier is available to accept the shipment. Cars shipping broker will also charge extra for this.
  • Some states like Rhodes Island have difficult routes which create difficulties for the car hauler to reach the desired location. There is no major interstate passing by such states and the demand for auto transport are also low for those states. The auto shipping carrier do not see moving a car in such region is profitable. The vehicle carriers demand extra to transport vehicle in those part of the state. They also have to do some extra work to find a car shipping carrier willing to move the car in such areas. In this situation, brokers also charge more from the customers.
Above mentioned scenarios are some examples as to how car transport broker help us in shipping our cars. They negotiate lower prices on your behalf. In order to maintain their reputation, these car shipping brokers give everything they got to make sure that your shipment doesn’t get delayed. They also make sure that the car shipping haulers are registered and insured.


They are essential in the auto shipping industry as they have a large data of car haulers in their database with which they can easily find the best car shipping carriers to meet your shipping requirements. We have seen that how many times due to different reasons drivers cancel their shipments. In such cases, it would be so difficult for you to find another car carrier instantly. But with the exceptional networking skills of car shipping brokers, they can find you the replacement in no time without charging extra for it.
After reading this you must have a fair idea as to how much does a car broker charge? It seems like they are charging high but their efforts and expenses balance it off.

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