Cross Country Vehicle Shipping
The shipment of a vehicle from one coast to another is what cross country vehicle shipping is all about, but Is the idea of shipping your car cross country or your car to a foreign enclave coming on your nerves? Well, why wouldn’t it be? It’s a daunting task after all. There are a plethora of possibilities of you moving cross country. Got a new job? Transfer of posting form the company? Transfer of college? So on and so forth. But, why worry when we are here to guard you against all the turmoils? We will arm you with such strategies that this daunting task would become as easy as a walk in a park. There you go:

Cost of Shipping cross country:

After extensive research and headaches, we have found for you the price per mile to move your car cross country and that is $0.40 cents per mile. There are some things that you must be aware of being a rational person that the more the distance traveled the lesser the cost is and vice versa. So the beginning first 1-500 miles would cost you a $1 but as those miles reach to 1000 miles you car would see a decline to $0.75 in cost.
One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you don’t need to give equal importance to the statement of the President of The United States and the shipping quote of a cross-country vehicle shipping company because the quote prices may vary upon several factors. Those factors are the “season” in which you have planned to ship, Service trailer whether it’s an open-air carrier or enclosed carrier or if its an express shipping? If you have availed the service of an enclosed carrier before within the state and found it economical then you need to rethink your decision this time as in cross country shipment through enclosed trailer it may cost you 40% to 60% more costly than an open-air carrier. Until and unless you own a classic car or a luxury Lambo you don’t need an enclosed trailer whereas if you have it then who wouldn’t want to ship their Lambo with the same shine as it was before handing over the cross country?    

How long will it take to ship a vehicle cross country:

It would typically take 5-8 calendar days from the day when you have handed over your car to the autotransporter to get shipped cross country. The first available date is 2-7 days to take your car with you but it may face delays. If you need a swift service which is also known as express cross-country shipping then it would take 24 to 72 days to ship a car.

What type of trailer do you want to transport a car across country?

Giving a wingman advice I would recommend to use an open-air carrier when the car that needs to be shipped is a sedan or your regular family car because the reviews might enchant you a lot as 8 out of 10 people are satisfied with the open-air carrier when asked. Whereas if you have a Porsche Carrera that need to be shipped in that case you must go with an enclosed car carrier because a person who drives Porsche shouldn’t be frugal enough to not afford an enclosed trailer for cross country shipping. Though the benefit of having protection from dust, damage by road debris and weather ailments using an enclosed carrier will outweigh the burden of cost.

Should I pack items along with my vehicle during cross country vehicle shipping:

According to the guidelines of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) it is advised and prohibited to pack any item in the vehicle that is not vehicle-related and this rule is also applicable to the trucks. Moving household goods aren’t allowed while shipping. It’s also recommended to clean out the car before handing it over to the transporter as it will be easy to recheck the condition of the car and match it with a condition it was in before shipping.
By knowing what cross country vehicle shipping is and knowing the nitty gritty’s of it now you should now have the checklist according to which you should be shipping your vehicle and here it is:


  • Get quotes: Ask for quotes from as many auto transport companies as possible in order to get a broader vision of what price should be charged from you and the more the pipeline of your quote rates are filled the better the decision you will make.
  • Insurance coverage: Ask about the insurance coverage the company is providing and make it very clear about their policies of insurance. A reliable and reputable auto transport company will give you full insurance coverage.   
  • Bill of lading: When you hand over your car to the shipper to deliver your car cross country with the mutual understanding he will decide the condition of your car and make a report of it. It’s a great idea to take photos of your car before delivering it as a form of proof for you. You can also make claims with the help of a picture otherwise all your claims will be like a hot air.
  • Post analysis or inspection of the car:  Before signing the report of the condition of your car you need to see whether there is any new damage noted on the report or not because if you sign it straight away it would be very difficult to claim again and you will be left knocking doors of the relevant authorities. Also, make sure that check the car’s condition with your eyes too and not just check the report as if you do so you have to bear the ramifications. The ball will then be in the court of vehicle shipping company.  


This is it! Now when you have got adequate information about how to ship your vehicle cross country and got the checklist according to which you will step by step get your car shipped your worries will vanish and you should be confident on the research that you have done. You can have a good night sleep when you know that you have made an informed decision and are guarded against all the vulnerabilities that an uninformed decision would have brought to you.

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