transport classic or exotic cars

Classic Or Exotic car transport:

In order for your car to be called as a “Classic car” it is supposed to be running on the roads for about 39 to 40 years only then you can claim it as a classic car. There’s one more category which is known as “antique cars” which probably your grandfather must have gifted you. In most of the cases of antique cars you got lucky that someone from your ancestors must be fond of cars and now finally the car form which you felt ashamed of to park in your garage has now become a matter of pride for you because of its uniqueness and its high price. No what is an exotic car? A car that is owned by a lesser percentage of the population and is a limited edition car or it gives an impression of being different is what an exotic car or luxury car is. In short, it is not for the masses but for some specific people who don’t think of car as a utilitarian need but they give their sweat and tears for repairing it over the period of time and are also those people who get emotionally attached to their car and don’t treat it as a basic need but give special attention to its maintenance and keep it up to date by investing their time and energy and money.

Enclosed car shipping option for exotic or classic car transport:

The fact of the matter is, both the classic and exotic cars can be transported by open and enclosed air carriers. Both these shipping methods are applicable to almost every car type and companies will also make tall claims and big promises to you if they don’t have the service available of an enclosed carrier but you need to understand the fact that your car needs proper guarding if you are talking to transport classic or exotic cars it’s a blunder to ship a car on an open-air carrier as your vehicle will have zero protection from the ailments of weather and the road debris. If your car gets damaged it’s not piece of cake to get your car repaired as it has unique features and body parts. Which sane person would buy an exotic car worth thousands of dollars and get frugal when it comes to paying a few bucks more of an enclosed trailer?
Just like that, who would not avail such service of complete protection from any jeopardy when he has a classic car on which he has to spend thousands of dollars to maintain the legacy of that car? So, if talking turkey you must choose the option of an enclosed carrier if you want to ship classic or exotic car because of the right way. Companies will never fail to make claims and persuade you that they are bestowing you with the safest shipment possible with the help of an open-air trailer but you don’t need to believe them when it’s the matter of your sweetheart  exotic or classic car transport as you will not be able to find where they if any damage happens. Antique car transporters recommend to using their service of stacking trailer as the oil from the cars that are on the upper deck drip oil which then falls on the cars on the lower deck and may damage it.
There are race ramps available with reliable auto transporters that will give an even more protection to the car’s lower body and it’s also ideal to use an enclosed trailer because of the low clearance of exotic cars

Pricing of a Classic or Exotic car:

The concern of a customer regarding the pricing in any kind of auto transportation service remains high. Same is the case with a shipment of a classic or an exotic car the trailer or carrier used in its transportation is an “enclosed” one. The differentiating factor of an enclosed trailer, when compared to an open air carrier, is that it’s covered from the sides and the roof. Which is why it has a higher cost because due to its coverage from the top and the sides it is heavier in weight and takes more time to cover the distance. The classic car or an exotic car owner needs to have the fact in mind that they need to pay a higher price because of the mode of transport they are using. You need to get quotes from companies of an enclosed trailer. Although you want to pay a price which is cost-efficient and economical when asking for quotes look at what is the price that is “market competitive” and then analyzes a company. You don’t need to pay the highest price or the lowest price to get a good service. In fact, I would recommend you to avoid companies that offer a rock bottom price because they offering attractive rates and increasing it at the eleventh hour is the common practice of such companies. The lower the cost you will pay the higher the risk of getting a “less-than-stellar-service”.

Door-to-door delivery for shipping your classic or exotic car:  

The deliverance of your car as close to the specified location as possible is known as door-to-door delivery. Among the other methods such as the terminal-to-terminal shipping and door-to-terminal shipping, this method is the most expensive of all. The comfort or the peace of mind it will provide you will outweigh the cost which you will pay for shipment. If you own a Corvette Stingray or an Aston Martin DB5 and on the other hand you own an exotic Bugatti Veyron who cares about money?
All you need is a safe and sound delivery of your luxury or classic car and just after 5 mins of unloading it, you need its turbo sound to remain the same and a scratchless paint job just as it was before. This is where door-to-door delivery comes in handy. This is why you should choose it. Your life will be a lot less miserable and painful when you chose the relevant services that your car demands.

Car Storage Service:

You might get baffled after listening to the costs that are attached to exotic or classic car shipment but you will feel relieved when you will know that the car storage service depends on your choice. It’s up to you whether you need it or not. When you are sure that you won’t be able to make it at the time when the car is being shipped this is when you have to book a car storage. Make sure you book it before the arrival of the shipment so that you don’t have to worry about the availability of space in the storage.  


You just need to bear these things in mind when your car is a classic car or an exotic car and all the other things have an equal importance which includes the Insurance coverage company is offering, reviews and ratings of the company and many more things. It is something to be worried about and is a daunting task but making a checklist of all the things mentioned above and using it for your benefit will surely make it a child’s play and will make transportation of classic or exotic cars in the easiest way possible.

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