Fake Car Shipping reviews
If you have looked online for any type of services, be that it may be ordering food delivery, a cellphone or even a car shipping service. You may have come across some usually and overwhelmingly highly satisfied customers on some of the reviews’ sites.
However, when you bought their services for yourself, your experience was totally opposite of theirs. And you wondered why. And ask the Lord above of why had this happened to you? Were you not worthy? And ask all sorts of soul-searching questions.
But have you ever considered why these customers were highly satisfied? It’s because most of these customers and their reviews are fake, by fake companies with fake names to even fake email addresses.
You might ask now how does one distinguish between a genuine from a fake one?
Here are some of the basic tips for finding out a genuine car shipping review.

Post a Review Yourself

Since you are a millennial, you probably know how to log in to an online forum to post a review. See if that online forum asks for delicate pieces of information such as your name, email address and your Order ID prior to posting your review.
If it does, then the website and its reviews are probably genuine. There are some companies who would even ask you go through a Captcha code. Verifying you that you’re not a robot. These companies are solid and genuine as well, obviously.
On the other hand, fake companies would never ask for any of your personal deets. On those websites, all you have to do is sign up and post your review.
You would see that these companies are loaded with numerous fake car shipping reviews. It’s better to steer away from these companies.

Reviews Stuffing

Notice whether these car shipping companies forums have a load of positive reviews in a given time period or not.
If it does, then they probably hired someone on a freelance to stuff loads fake car shipping reviews on their sites for gaining traffic.
On the contrary, if you see the reviews on an inconsistent or at irregular intervals. Then, you might be viewing genuine car shipping reviews.

In cognitive Reviews

You may see on some of the car shipping reviews forums a lot of unseen faces those that don’t show their real IDs in the forum.
When you start to see and notice a whole lot of it, it definitely means something’s fishy. What better way to write fake reviews than by being anonymous.
In that way, you can make and submit tons of car shipping reviews with no one monitor on your postings and submissions.

Excessive Praising Words

Oftentimes, you have seen or read those people carelessly using positive superlative adjectives to define their experience of car shipment or other related services.
This may be true to some extent. However, this could also possible due to they are posting fake car shipping reviews.
Most common words that are used Amazing, Phenomenal, Fantabulous, Awesome. These words are often thrown around all the time on any minute achievement or success.
A genuine car shipping review would always be objective towards the service. A reviewer would provide a genuine reason for their exceptional service rather than using superlative adjectives to complete the review.

Be a Grammar Nazi

Probably you have seen a lot of times car shipping reviews and the content on the website with extremely poor grammar and vocabulary. You might have thought them off just barely finished high school.
Before we tell you the answer, you should take a minute and think why would anyone hire a barely pass out content creator on their website?
The answer to that is outsourcing cheap labor. Many companies since they want fast publicity for a shorter period of time. Therefore, they don’t want to spend any extra dime on the US citizens.
Instead, they outsource and hire some almost equal to an illiterate individual who hardly can spell their own name correctly.
The genuine car shipping companies hire professionals who are well-versed not only in the grammar. But they also have the know-how about the theme of the company and they create their content according to the need of the company.

Go for the Detailed Experiences

One of the most important factors that distinguish the genuine from the fake car shipping reviews, is the whole experience being written by the reviewer.
Fake car shipping reviews are usually filled with next to nothing about the shipping experience. Those reviews are constantly made with all the positive superlative words and they described their experience as “Phenomenal”. But you can never perceive the extent of their satisfaction from the reviews.
On the other hand, genuine reviews written by genuine customers that are written under the clear-cut happenstances. If they find anything good, they would surely mention it with description to elaborate their claim.
Even if they find any unsatisfactory ordeal, they won’t shy without describing in detail either. They will also define how their complaint was handled as well. That’s the main point of it all.
They will write each and everything in detail for the reader to get in their shoes and experience the service from their point of view.
For instance, a genuine reviewer would write something like this,

“I posted my shipment order on April 8th, 2018 with the Order ID 12345678. I have got an offer from XYZ company. I asked some of the questions about their shipment delivery dates. They told me that the shipment would get delivered on 14th of April. They also told me that it could get delayed a day or two because of constant stormy weather near the destination area. It did get delayed a lot more than what I had in mind. I received my shipment on the 18th. However, the driver of the carrier met me with a warm greeting and immediately apologized for the delay. Which I was little annoyed about it at first but their apology and accepting their responsibility calmed me down. Furthermore, my shipment was all in one piece even though the storm broke out in my city. Just my car was a little damp due to the storm and the fact that I hired an open auto transport, that was bound to happen. Cheers for XYZ company! for delivering my precious beauty with utmost care and precision. My shipment did get delayed but still, I recommend anyone to acquire their services because of their excellent customer service.”


Well, we have gone a little overboard here with the sample review but we think you have got a clear picture by now.
Even though there are some black sheep in the car shipping industry who stoop to practicing these cheap tricks and swindle naive customers.
The websites for car shipping reviews have made the lives of the customers easy and simple. They even have online forums where you can get connected with other shippers online and ask them directly about their experiences of certain car shipping company.
These websites have given so much control to the customers and shippers to sort out good and genuine car shipping companies from bad and shady ones.
There are many car shipping marketplaces who even give the customers complete authority in order to choose their own car shipping service providers on their platform.
One of those marketplaces is Auto Transport City (ATC). It’s a neutral venue where shippers and service providers and come to legal terms and agreements of car shipment.
All the car shipping companies that are registered at ATC are verified and have been licensed with the FMCSA and many of them are even registered with the BBB.
It’s entirely up to the shippers which service provider they wish the services of car shipping.

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