Flatbed Auto Transport
Moving heavy vehicles and equipment is always a pain in the neck. Especially, when you are about to transport these heavy and delicate items you need to take some extra precautions.
It’s one of most common hurdles of every big industry to have an adequate transport service. These companies’ logistics always get stuck within acquiring a reliable auto transport service from their heavy automobiles and equipment.
Major companies invest big money in logistics to transport their precious freight from one place to another without any hassle or incidents.
Auto Transport companies also take extra precautionary measures to handle their delicate pieces of equipment and machinery.
These transport services use flatbed carriers to transport their oversized and overweight loads.
Besides being the first and foremost choice of big industries, flatbed auto transport is also common amongst the normal individuals.
When there are vehicles that are odd in shapes and sizes and cannot be fit into an enclosed or even an open auto transport. Then there is no choice but to hire a flatbed auto transport.


What loads are loaded in Flatbed Transport?

Flatbed transport hauls and delivers overweight and odd shaped cargo, automobiles, heavy machinery or anything that an enclosed carrier isn’t able to haul or transport.
Flatbed loads that are oversized, have extra weight or have uncanny characteristics, especially industrial machinery.
Flatbeds are usually hired for uncommon auto transport, load and haul lumbers, steel beams, iron and steel sheets, etc.
When you are looking to hire a flatbed auto transport, you have to describe and elaborate every single detail to your car shipping company.
Remember to give pointers and warn the fragility of your shipment to the flatbed shipping company.

How to Prepare Your Heavy Vehicle for Flatbed Auto Transport?

These vehicles are extremely delicate and its safety is of paramount importance. To prepare these heavy vehicles for auto transport, there are certain rational steps to be taken in order for a smooth and effortless journey.

To haul these vehicles, you need to hire a reliable auto transport company. A company that has utmost expertise and well-versed in lifting and hauling heavy automobiles and equipment.
A professional auto transport company would be able to handle it with care and precautions with their adequate tools and equipment for hauling large vehicles.
It is also a good idea to have a convo with respective car shipping carrier about preparing your vehicle for car shipping. They would be surely able to give some pointers and some do’s and don’ts about preparing your shipment.
For instance, it’s open and flat carrier, they would surely tell you to put a cover over your shipment to protect against bad weather. It’s also a good advise to put protective wrapping sheets on the delicate and fragile pieces of equipment.
Without further ado, here some of the essential preparations that you need to do prior to shipment.


Go through the Manual

The manual provided by the makers of the vehicle is the first step to prepare your vehicle. There would be tons of tips and assistance given in the manual for your convenience.

Remove All Detachable Items

Prior to the shipping carrier arrives, you should take out all the detachable items from your vehicle. The vehicle may include batteries connection to remove, any removable components of the vehicle that could either break or get damaged during the shipment. Also, remember to empty out unnecessary fuel and engine oil.

Follow The Rules of FMCSA

There are strict rules and regulations set up by the FMCSA. These rules should be adhered to hauling of heavy machinery and vehicles, especially when you hired a flatbed auto transport.
You should have a proper communication with your respective car shipping carrier about the size and weight of your shipment.
As there are certain bridges and underpasses, which restricts the car shipping carrier to enter. The driver also must the routes to haul your precious cargo without jumbling up in unauthorized routes. That could result in severe legal violations and penalties.

Take Precautions

Flatbed auto transport has an open carrier to transport heavy goods and vehicles. Therefore, it’s imperative that these goods will be exposed and vulnerable to the elements such as road debris, rain, and rocks.
It’s better to cover them with a tarp to ensure safety for hauling goods. Especially the ones that are extremely fragile.

Pick and Drop-off Locations

The pick and drop-off locations must always be in an open and wide area. The place must not be filled with traffic and hustle and bustle of people.
An isolated area is always the best place for picking and drop-off your vehicle without causing anyone much trouble.

Here’s to Looking At Your Safety, Drivers!

The Safety Precautions for the Flatbed Truck Drivers.

The questions of the safety precautions of the truck drivers always pop when mentioning the auto transport industry. Even though there are tons of precautionary measures for the safety of the drivers. However, a negligence could have severe consequences.

According to IIHS, About 1 in 10 highway deaths occur in a crash involving a large truck.
Therefore, it’s always better to stay safe than say sorry.
Having said that, drivers are prone to injuries and little casualties due to the nature of the job. What we can do is adhere to the following measures and prevent it as far as we possibly can.

Safety While On The Road

Since the millennial, driving with sheer attentiveness is not as much as it used to. While on the road, you would come across with various careless drivers who either talking on the phone while driving or even worse, texting while driving.
Remember if you are driving carefully, these drivers unintentionally might come into your lane and may cause trouble. To prevent that from happening, you can do the following.
  • Abstain from parking your vehicle on the side of the road as much as possible. No matter what may be the reason, either you want to do tarping on the load and have to go on nature’s call. There are rest stops and motels along the way for that.
  • Always wear a high-visibility jacket. When you become highly visible on the road, even if a driver unintentionally tries to come in your lane. Your jacket will subsequently restrain the driver for coming on your lane.

Managing Your Transport Loads

It matters not whether you are hauling heavy equipment, an oversized vehicle or overweight steel beams. You are obligated for the safety of your loads. Ensure that your loads are properly secured before you head on to the journey.
To secure your load you can do the following,
  • We know that inspections prior to shipping are a nag. This doesn’t you should not do it properly. Always ensure to tie all the loose ends. Any loosened bungee or tarp may lead to a serious accident and be causing severe damage to you and the others.
  • Properly hook everything up with the bungee cords and tarp. Never hesitate to do a double check to ensure safety.

Work Safely!

Doing your job on a continuous loop would make anyone nauseated and numb. That causes you not to do the current task at hand with full consciousness. This is highly dangerous and could definitely lead to a serious accident.
Don’t get hasty when handling highly sensitive and heavy equipment and vehicles. To avoid zoning out during work, follow these steps rigorously,
  • Buy a slip-resistant footwear. Many a times, slip and fall occur due to stepping foot on the wet floor or damp equipment. That could cause you to fall from your flatbed auto transport trailer. ‘Women are more prone to slip and fall accidents than men’, according to the NFSI statistics.
  • If you want your shins and ankle to stay intact to your body, you better not skip steps. As aforementioned above, don’t be hasty. Be calm and remain calm.
  • Who tells that you’re a famous mountain climber, no one, right? So, stop creeping on those narrow ledges of the flatbed trailer. You could get yourself hurt, son.

Picking up and Dropping-Off

We know whether you do pay attention or not to the aforementioned precautions, you surely do follow this one. There may be two times in the shipping process, you would take your time on.
First is the commute to the desired location and the second being properly picking up and dropping off the equipment.  
However, there are two important precautions that many of you sometimes forget to do, these are,
  • The loading and dropping-off location. You can’t just load and unload your freight willy-nilly at any given location. These two points should be located in a flat surfaced area. It’s literally throwing yourself to the wolves when trying to load or unload your freight on an uneven surface. It’s a high-risk loading or unloading a freight on a slope of the hill, making the rear side of the vehicle completely vulnerable.
  • Always be on your toes and be conscious, especially for trying to pick up or dropping off the load. Any slips or trips could lead to dire consequences.

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