how to ship a car to Florida
Are you having the temptation to move Florida for spending winter vacations? The idea of driving the car yourself to Florida may enchant you if you are an autoist but the distance of about 1000 miles may restrain you from doing so. The next most critical thing that comes to your mind after brainstorming your Florida trip is to discover an organization that provides an Auto transport Florida service. Things that should be taken care of when looking for an auto transporter of Florida. It’s essential to get a rough estimate of the final cost by analyzing different factors on the basis of vehicle specifications and the distance of travel. Along with the Disney World theme parks, beautiful beaches and soothing sunshine there are many more unpleasant surprises too that Florida brings to you which are heavy storms and hurricane and you need to take good care of these factors beforehand while sending your car. Having said that now when you know a long list of frightening factors which may intervene during your car’s safe and sound delivery you need to protect it by having a good coverage of insurance. You don’t even have to put a glance on such companies that don’t offer a full insurance coverage.

Imperative of Florida auto transport service reviews :

Do you take haircut services from a barber without taking reviews from anyone? If the answer is no, then how could you make a decision of moving a 4000 pounds car from one state to another without seeing its reviews. It’s in the human psyche to develop a perception about any product service by consulting from others so, you also need to take some insights by giving a look at the reviews of people. In the beginning, you have to accomplish a no duck soup like a task which is to find the best Florida car shipping company.

Finding a Florida auto transport company:

Find the best auto vehicle transport company in Florida and then you have to be a little proactive and start comparing the quality with respect to its price. It would be a wise decision to take an estimate of the cost as per the travel distance and specifications of your vehicle. You should keep in mind that prices do vary from company to company. One Of the most essential parts of this process is to ask the company for the documents that are needed to operate an auto transport company in Florida. Which are Document of Transport (DOT) and other necessary permits and licenses to make sure that the Florida transport auto shipping company is operating legally? Before handing over your car to your desired Florida auto shipping company you need to take pictures of the car’s situation at that time from every angle and also document it.

Factors affecting the Florida Auto Shipping:

  • Distance: Definitely when the distance between shipping your car is short it will reduce the price as the cost of labor and fuel would go down simultaneously.


  • Type of Auto transport trailer: What carrier to choose depends on the kind of vehicles that need to be transported. It’s of 2 types that are open and enclosed carrier trailer. More commonly used the trailer for auto transporters are open trailers as they are more cost-efficient but open trailers aren’t for everyone as it does not protect your car from weather ailments. Vintage cars and luxury vehicles must go for enclosed trailers.   


  • Type of vehicle: Obviously when you ship an SUV or a sedan the cost won’t be the same. Your desired auto transport company in Florida would charge you as per the kind of vehicle while it has the ability to ship a boat or a construction type equipment.


  • Effect of seasonality on vehicle transport Florida: The hardest period to book a car shipping company is from summer to the early fall. The driving forces to pump the price higher are the snowbirds that visit Florida in winters.


  • Place of destination: It’s a child’s play to predict that the place of your destination will increase the underlying cost of your auto transport service.

Florida car shipping service options:

  • Door-to-Door Car Shipping to Florida: In this vehicle shipping procedure the only thing that is asked from the customer is when he/she has received the quote from the vehicle transport company then the customer should be at home so that the trailer driver offloads the vehicle in presence of the car owner. The best place for this option is in a rural area because there is enough space there in which the driver can exercise the offloading of a vehicle in the street.
  • Station-to-station Car Shipping to Florida: In this option either you have to pick the car from the station due to any reason which let say can be you living in an apartment complex other than this you can also choose a parking lot mostly in those places where drivers take rest for an hour or so. The auto transport Florida should be asked whether its a viable option or not.
  • Door-to-station Vehicle shipping to Florida: If you are moving from a place which is congested to an open-air residential area then you should choose station-to-door service and on the contrary, if you want to shift from a residential place to an apartment complex then it’s smart to choose a station-to-door service.
No matter what service you would choose I have told you from A to Z of shipping your car to Florida. Make the right choice by determining the factors that matter you the most. Whenever a person has to choose between dozens of options he/she goes into a situation of dilemma but the most viable option I would recommend is to choose an efficient Florida auto transport services company as it will manage all your worries and sorrows by taking responsibility on their shoulders.

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