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There are many things in this world that annoys and bother you, and “wait’ is one of them.
When you ordered a car then it is very difficult to wait for its delivery as you are much excited about it. It becomes more annoying when the dealer does not tell you the exact time of delivery.
Most of the people frequently ask the dealer about the delivery time. How could a dealer answer you? When even he has no idea about it.
Basically, no one can tell you the exact delivery time. If any of dealer is telling you, it’s mean he is giving you an estimated time with no guarantees.
However, it’s up to your luck, You may get the delivery at the given date but the chances are very thin.


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As you know everything takes time to get it done, same applies to car shipment process.
Your car needs to pass through some steps before it delivers to you
There are numerous factors which may cause the delay in delivery
Here are some of these,

Build Allocation

When a dealer orders a car to the car manufacturing company. At that time the manufacturer gives him a build allocation; it is the time period given by the manufacturer to tell how long will it take to be delivered.   

Once the car reached to the dealer, then the dealer will be delivered that car to your doorstep

Questions about Build Allocation

Number of bookings

When the manufacturers are bombarded by the dealers for the demand of any specific model. The production line of the company gets disturbed as they make a specific amount of cars for all models. That’s the reason it takes more time to deliver.

Company’s Warehouse Location

It is one of the most important factors that where the company’s warehouse is located whether it is outside the country or on US soil. If the car is assembled in Europe then it might be possible it will take approx 2 to 3 months to reach.

Transportation Process

Once the car is completely manufactured. It’s time for logistics, but the shipping process also takes some time to reach the destination.
Most of the dealers use rail and sea transport to get their cars delivered.

There are many car shipping companies who have started their operations online. In order to better cater their respective prospects.
There are also companies who are running a marketplace where hundreds of car shipping companies available to offer their services to their customers.
Such a marketplace is operated by Auto Transport City (ATC). In order to find a reliable auto transport, you can sign up at ATC and get instantly connected with hundreds of car shipping companies to ship their cars anywhere in the US.

Inspection of the Car

Prior the car is shipped to the desired location, the car will go through an inspection process. The inspection team will thoroughly check the vehicle from left to right, they will check the exterior and interior. If they find any issues, they fix it on the spot.

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In case, any part of the vehicle is not available, if required, they would even import those parts to the country. So, It would take some more time.

Unavailability of Drivers

Sometimes the delivery takes more time just because of the less availability of drivers. Every dealer has limited drivers. When the demand is high, the supply is limited. There would be a delay in the shipment process.

Holidays and Shut-Downs

There are numerous factors that delay the time of delivery, shutdowns are one of them. During the religious holidays such as Easter, Christmas, Good Friday and many others.
The dealers also won’t open their showrooms during these holidays. As a result, the delivery time will be extended.

Remember, your delivery is in the queue as there were many customers who booked their cars before you. Principally, the car will first deliver to them.

Here is the list of Holidays in the United States

You would now be able to determine the average time period which a car could take to arrive at your doorstep.
However, If the car is assembled in Europe then it may take about more than 3 months to reach in the US. If the car is not foreign assembled then it will take 3-4 weeks to get delivered to your desired location.   

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