How long does it take to ship a car
There are many factors come into play on how long it would take to deliver a car. The main factors include the distance of the picking up and delivering the shipment, the time of window of the shipment. The other factors include the traffic jams, road closures, the speed limit a driver needs to maintain, bad weather conditions, supply and demand and much more.

How long does it take to deliver a car?

On an average, it would take about 4 to 5 days to ship a car within the states and it would take 7 to 9 days to ship a car across the states.
The estimation of car shipping depends on two main factors ie the distance and the time reach to the desired location.
Before when we move forward in describing the car shipping time estimates, you have to know that there are various factors in play.

Completing the Car Shipping Quota

First of all, you are not the only one who’s hired a car shipping service, there are plenty of other shippers as well. The auto carriers need to fill out their respective quota in order to head on to the road for shipment.
Even if they picked up your vehicle it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will start shipping your vehicle from there onwards.
Mainly, the trucker that comes to haul your vehicle is not the one who would be going to ship your vehicle. Your vehicle would probably be stored on their terminal until they have fulfilled their respective quota. Your vehicle would roughly be on their terminal for two to three days until the carrier is head on to the road for the delivery of the shipment.

The Distance

The distance is simply the miles that would a carrier has to travel for the delivery of the shipment. The more the distance, the longer it will take for the driver to cover the distance.
However, the longer distance is not the only factor for the delays or takes time for the driver to cover. The route also affects the distance. The drivers of the auto carrier have a certain route that they undertake to reach the destination point as soon as possible.
The hindrance to reaching their destination may occur when the driver has to drop-off a shipment to a remote area and that is also outside their specific route.
This derailment of the route will take longer for the driver to deliver the shipment and also may charge you extra for the inconvenience.  

The Distance - Auto Transport City

Car Shipping Time Estimate for Pick Up

Once you have selected an auto transport company to ship your vehicle to the desired location. It would take about two to four days when the driver picks up your vehicle if you chose a door-to-door transport service.
Mind you that car shipping time estimate may increase because of various outside factors, such as extreme weather conditions, traffic jams, roadblocks and even truck breakdowns. Yes, it can happen. The truck breakdowns are least likely happen but it is a possibility nonetheless, when considering car shipping delays.
Extreme weather conditions are most likely be the main cause for the delay. If any bad weather forecast comes up on the news, these drivers will delay car shipping process in order to protect their trucks and your shipment. They would be right in doing so because there is no good outcome can come out of picking your vehicle up in a storm.
Speed Limit, The other factor that could delay the shipment would be the speed limit that the carriers need to adhere to. An average truck speeding limit in the US is between 65 mph to 75 mph. These truckers are obligated by the law to adhere to speed limit regulations.
The Traffic Conditions are always most likely to happen if your location is in a major city. In that case, the auto shipping carrier will send a smaller truck to haul your vehicle. The other possibility might be that the auto carrier would ask you to come to a specified terminal or other suitable location for them to pick up your vehicle.
Demand and Supply, the prime factor in hiring any service. The demand and supply factor should always be kept in mind when hiring a transport service. When the demand is low and the supply is high, you would easily be available the get the fastest service at a very cost-effective price.
However, when the demand is high and the supply is low, then that would be a different story.
It is always better to wait and have a little patience and not get hasty when hiring a shipping service. By adhering to these simple protocols you will be able to get a better price and a more decent service.
All of these factors have a huge impact on the car shipping delays. These delays are highly volatile for the carriers. These drivers tend to take extra precautions to prevent to come under these circumstances.
Nevertheless. these delays could happen, there is no doubt in that. This should also be kept in mind that no trucker in their right mind would want to delay the shipment. Delaying the shipment means delaying the business, that resulting in a fewer profitable outcome. And no one wants that.

Car Shipping Delivery Time

Once the car is picked up from your location, now starts the making the timely delivery of your shipment. As mentioned, these carriers will have to wait a day or two to meet their respective quota before the head to deliver the shipment.
When their quota is completed. These carriers will embark upon delivering your vehicle to your desired location. However, the obstacles they could face during the shipment are the same as the picking up your vehicle.
The shipment within the states is relatively much easier than the rest of the states. The shipment with short distances can be delivered within days. The shipment of longer ones or across the states could take a week or two.
These drivers may know every nook and cranny of origin state but the same cannot be said for the destination state. There are unknown roadblocks and traffic jams which is very difficult to estimate for the drivers. Hence, it becomes the primary factor for car shipping delays.
This cannot be stressed enough that the drivers of the carriers are bound and obligated to adhere to the traffic laws. The primary traffic law that truck needs to adhere to is the speed limit. The drivers are not liable in any way to go over the speed limit.
There have been countless accidents with fatalities happen in the United States every year.

As the report states, truck drivers have one of the deadliest jobs.

Summing it all up, car shipping delivery time estimates on many factors. A savvy shipper must have a thorough knowledge about the market price and the situation of demand and supply. This will enable the shipper to get the best service and at a fair price.
The car shipping drivers have to weigh out all the unfavorable factors before they head on to undertake the task of car shipping. The car shipping time of window depends on a number of factors. The main reason would be the distance and the time of delivery of the desired location.
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