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There are so many people out there when they hear the words Interstate car transport start asking themselves what is interstate car transport?
If you are also reading this article wondering actually what is Interstate car transport? Then let us help you it’s something which exists across the states or you can refer it to, as a structure of highways which combine two or more states in the U.S. As the name implies;
Interstate car transport” means transportation of car from one state to another via motorways or railways.

Interstate Car Transport History

There is a great amount of history hidden underneath this simple question what is interstate car transport? Let’s find out when shipping trucks were not so mainstream, the best method for interstate car transport was auto transport by rail. In the early 20th century due to poor road conditions, trains were used for interstate Vehicle Transport. The trucks at that time were not efficient, huge and faster enough to carry cars from one state of the US to another. Trucks were only used for local transport purposes covering short routes only. The capacity and fuel economy of the trucks were not the only obstacle, the road was full of dirt and not strong enough to handle the weights of large capacity trucks.
The modern world has completely changed things around us. Things which were considered impossible before are now taken as a normal part of our lives. Same goes for the Interstate Auto Shipping. Advancement in the field of engineering has completely changed the dynamics. In the present time, the most favored car shipping method is the auto truck transport. Auto transport by rails is less preferred these days for interstate car transport.

Interstate Auto Shipping Companies

If you require moving your car across the state then there a large number of interstate auto transport companies are ready to ship your vehicle. Availability of a large number of Interstate Auto Moving Companies means you are not going to bear any sort of pain in booking your shipments.

Factors affecting interstate auto shipping industry

There are different factors which are helping interstate auto shipping industry to grow, some of these areas under;
  • The long distance between different states in the U.S in miles ranges from 2400 to 3500. Driving the car to cover these miles would cost you greatly in terms of fuel, repair, and maintenance. Using interstate auto shipping would cost you way less to ship a car than driving all along.
  • Millions of cars are being produced in the USA. Auto manufacturers in order to keep their business running need to ship these cars into different showrooms and warehouses spread in almost every state of US. These auto manufacturers are constantly in need of Interstate Auto Shipping to grow their business. For this reason, they maintain a strong relationship with interstate auto transport companies.
  • Going for interstate auto shipping ensure the safety of your vehicle as it’s in the hand of well trained and experienced staff. Latest car towing methods and equipment are being used to ship your car from one state to another. Interstate car transporter will put forward a long list of services to choose from. Support staff also guides you when choosing a service by altering it according to your requirement and budget. In case, your vehicle gets damaged during transportation, you would be able to claim damages as your vehicle would be covered under the insurance policy.  
All these interstate auto transport companies compete with each other for shipment. Some of these Interstate Auto Moving companies have a better reputation in the market over other due to there quality services. The Internet has made it easier for you to read the Interstate car shipping reviews and rating. Not only this with the help of internet before shipping your car you can review the car shipping quotes as well.   

Interstate Car Transport

Types of Interstate Vehicle Transport

Variety of trucks and trailers are used in interstate transport. Usually, car trailers lift five to nine cars, subject to the car’s size, model, and weight.
There are two ways to transport your vehicle through which your vehicle transport process is being carried out by offered by interstate auto transport service providers Open auto transport and enclosed auto transport.





Open auto transport is a common type of interstate transport. Open interstate car transport is cheap and readily available but it doesn’t offer your car complete weather protection. The reason behind lack of weather protection is due to the fact that open trailers used in open interstate car transport are open from top and sides. Which makes cars the victim of dirt, snow, road debris and other weather hazards. Open trailers are more in demand as compare to enclosed trailers. If your car is a misfit for standard Auto Shipping trailer then flatbed trucks are used by interstate car transport service providers.




On the other end, enclosed transport is harder to book due to its low demand, low availability and higher prices as compared to open auto transport. Higher prices of enclosed interstate auto transport come from the fact that enclosed trailers are totally closed from top and sides, gives the trailer ultra weather protective characteristic. Usually enclosed trailers are used to transport brand new cars or antique models to shipping these high profile cars enclosed trailers are also manufactured to match the class of these cars. Low availability of enclosed trailers is because the majority of the people opt for open auto shipping, less demand bring the aggregate supply down hence the low availability of this type of trailers in the market.

Interstate Car Shipping Services

The door to door and terminal to the terminal are two type of shipping services which interstate auto transporters offer to their customers.


  • The door to door interstate car transport service:

If your interstate auto shipping service provider is telling you that your car will be picked up from your door and dropped off at the exact location then you are being informed about door to door interstate vehicle transport service. If you are a homer does not want to move much or if you are too busy to spare time for picking up and dropping off your car to terminals then the door to door car transport service is exclusively for you.


  • It saves time which otherwise would be lost in picking up and dropping off the vehicle from terminals
  • Better networking option with the carrier driver which helps in building a good relationship and trust level
  • Opportunity to track your vehicle with Global Positioning System.


However these trailers are designed to run on highways and sometimes the thinness of roads, loose branches prove to be a barrier for drivers to drop or pick up the vehicle exactly at your doorsteps. To cope with such situation, the driver will contact you and ask you to mutually decide the most convenient drop-off or pick up location. By visiting the websites related to auto transport you will find out the option to check vehicle shipping quotes by checking this you can calculate your total cost using the door to door services for vehicle transport.


  • Terminal to Terminal interstate car transport service:


As contrary to door to door in the terminal to terminal interstate auto shipping you have to drop your vehicle at the terminal and then you have to pick the vehicle from the destined terminal after transportation. Terminal to terminal interstate auto shipping is less expensive than door to door but it takes a minimum of two times more than door to door. You will drop your car at the terminal than the vehicle would remain there until the car shipping service providers have enough vehicle to fill the vacant car spaces in the truck. There is also a possibility that your car would be load and unload several times during the transit which poses a great threat to your car getting damaged.


As interstate car transport companies are engaged in interstate commerce, so by law it is mandatory for them to register with the US Department of Transportation. If you want to ship your car across states then make sure that your auto truck transport company is registered with the US Department of Transportation.
Interstate car shipping companies are playing an important role in supporting the individuals and business to grow. Shipping your vehicle from one state to another has never been easier all the credit goes to these drivers who ship your vehicle safely across the state.
After reading this you must have developed a fair idea regarding what is interstate car transport? Having a good knowledge of Interstate car transport would definitely help you in shipping your car across the state.

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