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MC number is the number followed by two letters (MC, FF or MX) which specifies a carrier for-hire to transport goods or commodities within the US. MC number is issued by the FMCSA and provide you the authority to operate within the jurisdiction specified already in your applied request. MC number must be maintained and safeguarded for compliance with the FMCSA.

How can you apply for an MC Number?

Any or every motor carrier shipping freight within the states is legally bound to have an MC number. MC can be further categorized into various other operating authorities. Unlike the obtaining process of USDOT number, a firm may have the requirement of more than one MC number depending on the nature of its business. A firm can only operate on the type of MC number they obtained.

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 The Types of Operating Authorities

The various types of MC or operating authorities are as follows.

Motor Carrier of Property (exception of Household Goods)

Referred to an MC that is authorized to transport governed commodities or goods with the exception of household goods for the general population against the payment received. Motor Carrier with the exception of Household commodities. To obtain the operating authority, these carriers are liable to file an evidence or proof of public liability with FMCSA.

Motor Carrier of Household Goods (Hauling Companies)

This mode of the motor carrier is hired only deal with with the transportation of household goods for the US citizens in exchange of payment. By its term household, this operating authority only deals with personal possessions bought from an online store, store or from the manufacturer. The basic purpose of these items is to utilize in a resident. MC is hired to deliver the household commodities to the desired residence by the householder. Therefore, in order to transport the goods within the state, MC are liable to file a proof public liability (body injury and property damage) and freight insurance.  

Broker of Property (exclusion of household commodities)

When an individual, partnership or a corporate entity is hired for establishing and managing the transit of property (with the exception of household goods), that belongs to the others by acquiring the services of an authorized MC. A broker or an agent does not take the accountability for the property and never withholds and takes the possession of it.

Broker of Household Commodities

It happens when an individual, a partnership or a corporate entity that in exchange of payment f establishes and manages the transportation of household commodities that is a possession of others by hiring a Motor Carrier. A broker is not liable or accountable for the household goods as it never takes the custody of the commodities. The household commodities are specifically meant to be utilized within the residence of the householder. An individual, a partnership or a corporate entity is liable to be a registered household commodities broker if the motor carrier besides providing the transportation will also venture in providing any or all of the further added features and services. The services may include inventorying, protective packing and unpacking of separate goods at private homes; loading and unloading at private homes, binding and non-binding estimates.

US-based Enterprise Carrier of International Freight (excluding Household Commodities)

A company or a corporate entity that is owned and monitored (must be higher than 55%) by a Mexican citizen or resident alien, indulge in the transportation of international freight (exclusion of household goods. The international freight must be produced in and manufactured and be destined for a foreign country.

US-based Enterprise Carrier of International Household Commodities

A company or a corporate entity that deals itself in the operation of transportation of household goods and has a headquarter in the US. However, the company is owned or governed (must be higher than 55%) by a Mexican citizen or a resident alien. Household commodities are personal items that are meant to be utilized in a residence. The items should be purchased from a factory, store or an online store, with the basic purpose to be used within a home. Householder request for the transportation and also make payment for the transportation fees. International commodities must be produced and originate in or be destined for a residence in an alien country.

Other Types of Authorities

  • Freight Forwarders
  • Motor Passenger Carrier
  • Non-North American Domiciled Motor Carrier
  • Mexico based Carrier for Motor Carrier Authority to Operate Beyond US Municipalities and Commercial Zones on the US and Mexican Border.
  • Mexican Certificate of Registration for Foreign Motor Carrier and Foreign Motor Private Carriers Under USC 13902
Depending on the type of operating authority is privileged by FMCSA, operating authority is denoted either as an “MC”, “FF” or an “MX” followed up by six-digit numbers. Weighing out all the classifications of an operating authority, it is imperative to choose only the specific type(s) of Operating Authority that is required for the business. Bear in mind, that the Application Fees are non-refundable.

 How much does an MC number Cost?

Cost of each operating authority or MC will cost you $300. The cost for a change in name will cost you $14 and the cost of reinstatement of your MC is $80.

FMCSA fees are non-refundable.


 How to apply for Operating Authority the first time?

If you are new to this and haven’t been registered with FMCSA before. No worries. All you need to do is go through with the registration process on Unified Registration System or URS. Just like any online registration you have to provide your applicant ID and a password. You are required to have the information that is mentioned below,
  • Company officers with titles
  • EIN (Employer Identification Number or SSN (Social Security Number)
Once you have completed the registration process and paid your dues. The process would approximately be 3 working weeks or 21 working days. It could take longer depending on whether your application went under for further reviewing by FMCSA.

What is the application process for the Existing Carriers?

There are carriers who have already got one or two operating authority and are looking for applying for more with FMCSA. The process is simple. All you have to do is go online and pay your dues on the FMCSA Legacy Registration System. Remember that existing companies also have a PIN to enter the application process.
Whether you are a new and an existing carrier, you can easily verify if your new MC number has been permitted or not. You can do that by logging on to the SAFER website and also by putting your information on Licensing and Insurance Public Search. Just put down your USDOT and MC number in the search box and hit return. Go to the bottom of the page and click on “Authority History”. Now, you would be able to view the granted date of the operating authority.
That’s all there is to it, all you need to know about MC number. Still, have more queries? The page of getting authority with FMCSA would be also a great help.


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