inspection of new car
Are you planning to buy a new car, but have less knowledge about car inspection?
Buying a car without doing any inspection is definitely a big risk, you may end up your deal with some bad experiences.

Here is, The Car Buying Experience

Follow these instructive tips to avoid making your experience worse.

Thoroughly Check The Car

Here, all you need is “time”
When you are going to buy a new car, make sure that you have a lot of time.
You should thoroughly check the vehicle from left to right in order to end up with a great deal.

Listen to the salesperson carefully

When you visit the car showroom, the salesperson will completely demonstrate you about the vehicle you are wishing to buy.
Listen to the salesperson carefully to know how its function works, it will help you at the time when you will be asked to inspect the car.  

Here are some,


Grab a pen and paper


Now it’s your time to inspect the vehicle, to avoid calling salesperson again and again for every single fault. You should jot down on the paper whatever it is making you confused and puzzled.
Later, you may ask the salesperson to satisfy you, ask all the questions you have in your mind about the car.
10 Important Questions to Ask When Buying a New Car


Check the dashboard

Buying a new car means the meter reading will be zero or fewer. Depending on the condition that how the car has been imported into the showroom from the company.

Generally, the car with 20 miles and below is good enough.

Check the dashboard, if there is any warning light on

Here is the video about, The meaning of Warning lights on your Car’s Dashboard

Check the exterior


To check the exterior part of the car’s body, you have to look out for the following,


  • Try to visit the showroom at the daytime so that you can easily determine all the dents and dings. However, if you have a busy schedule then overlook this option.
  • Thoroughly check the exterior part of the vehicle, such as doors, side mirrors, bonnet and other body parts.
  • Check the side mirrors, also check the flexibility by folding it twice.
  • Check the bonnet, if there is any scratch.
  • Check the top of the vehicle, if there is any crucial damage.
  • Check the condition of tires, make sure that the tires are properly inflated.


Open the bonnet

After checking the exterior part of the vehicle, now it’s time to examine the condition under the bonnet. You should observe the following,
  • When you will open the bonnet, You will definitely find a neat and clean area of engine side.
  • Check the fluid levels.
  • Remember to checkup the wirings and connections, further check if there is any disconnections.

    Watch the video, How to Check Car Basics Under the Bonnet

Check the interior


Get in the car and observe, whether you feel comfortable or not. Avoid considering only on the driving seat. You should also examine the back seats and the trunk as you are paying for the whole car.



  • Turn on the air-conditioner/heater to see if it is working properly.
  • Turn on the Headlights and indicators to see if they are working, also check the parking lights.
  • Turn on the sound system and listen if the sound is clear.
  • Beep the Horn


Check the Battery


It is very important to check the reliability of the battery. Ask the salesperson to demonstrate you about it and further ask him to verify the perfection of the battery.

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Test drive the car

Now it’s time to hit the road. It may be your last chance to detect any type of issue. Take 30-40 minutes to further check the car by driving it yourself. Make sure you are wearing a seatbelt.
Turn the ignition and go for a ride, change the gears and move the steering to see if they are working smoothly. Moreover, observe the engine if it is making any unpleasant sound.

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Check the documents

Remember to check all the documents such as car registration and insurance papers, provided by the staff. Match the engine/chassis number of the vehicle with the documents.   

It is not just the end, Learn more
What to do after you Buy a car

However, it doesn’t matter whether you are buying a new car or used one, Inspection is must in both conditions. By following these essential tips, you will definitely end up buying a flawless vehicle.  

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