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Europe is the best where everyone should visit once in a lifetime. There are numerous reasons to head out to Europe. You probably want to have a sight-see, visit the Colosseum or other historical places.
Maybe you have been stationed or transferred there as per requirement of your work. When you are moving to Europe and you don’t want your precious car to leave behind in the US. You want to take your car with you to Europe.
However, you are oblivious to the process of car shipping internationally. You don’t know the cost to ship a car to Europe? how much do you have to pay? what does it require? Well, these concerns will not be a bother to you now. We will discuss each concern step-by-step.
Starting out with…

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car to Europe?

An average cost of shipping a vehicle to Europe starts from $950 ends up to $2200. It takes about two months to ship a vehicle from US to Europe. The cost to ship a car to Europe also depends on the various factors. It depends on selecting the type of shipping vessel, type of transport, the shipping company and many other factors. To estimate the cost to ship a car to Europe, you need a little looking into the car shipping companies.

Research Car Shipping Companies

The research is always the first step in to order to find out the car shipping companies. To find the cost to ship a car to Europe, you have to gather all the intel online. Go to different websites of companies and seek out the cost to ship a car to Europe. After gathering all the intel, compare the companies on basis of their services and the cost to ship a car to Europe

Selecting a Car Shipping Method

The cost to ship a car to Europe highly depends on the shipping method you choose. There are many car shipping you can choose from. Roro. shared container, exclusive container. We will also weigh-out their pros and cons.

RORO Shipping

RORO (Roll-on/Roll-off) is the mode of shipping where a ship is specifically made to deliver vehicles to other countries. The cost to ship a Car to Europe is also the lowest when hiring a RORO vessel. In this vessel, the vehicles are tied down to the deck to prevent them from getting touching each other during the course of the shipment. To load the vehicle in the RORO shipping vessel, the vehicles are driven to the ship and drive out from the ship. This is where the name of RORO comes from, the vehicles are rolled on and rolled off the ramp of the ship.


  • It has the lowest cost to ship a car to Europe.
  • It is very easy to drive on to the RORO ship and to drive off from it. It is like driving from a parking garage.


  • As these cars are driven by port drivers, there is not any guarantee for the safety of the inside of your vehicle. Theft and stolen goods are a norm in RORO shipping. It’s better to put padlocks on the back of your vehicle or where you put your essential items and don’t give that key to the driver.
  • Shipping to another country takes a lot of time. As the ship needs to complete its shipping quota before they start shipping to another country.

Shared Shipping Container

The other mode of shipping cars in hiring a shared shipping container with another individual. This mode of transportation also decreases the cost to ship a car to Europe. This container is usually 40-foot tall, where it has enough space for preserving two vehicles. Let’s view the pros and cons of the shared shipping container as well.


  • The cost to ship a car to Europe lowers, as hiring a shared shipping container means sharing the cost with another individual.
  • Transport your vehicle safely in a container, where you can transport your personal belongings as well.


  • The departures dates are inconsistent and are not fixed.
  • It is not time specific.

Exclusive Shipping Container

If you do not want to wait for your shipment and want your vehicle to be delivered to another country asap, this might be the best option for you. However, the cost to ship a car to Europe will be increased significantly as well. The exclusive shipping container will only be used specifically for your vehicle. You can also put in your personal stuff and belongings on to the container as well. The pros and cons of hiring this container


  • Shipping container used specifically for your vehicle and your personal belongings.
  • Fastest way the transport your vehicle.
  • Ultimate safety for your vehicle.


The cost to ship a car to Europe especially is way too expensive.

Deciding on Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance just like any insurance, eliminates the risk of carrying cargo, ships, and vessels. You might think that it will increase the cost to ship a car to Europe. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Marine insurance indemnifies any loss incurred during the course of the shipment in the sea.
Whether it may be the damages incurred to your vehicle, vessel or the cargo the vessel carried. It covers all. It doesn’t end here. Marine insurance also covers your vehicle and cargo of any losses or damages incurred because of piracy or cross-border wars and battles.
If you still think that marine insurance may increase the cost to ship a car to Europe. Perhaps, this report may change your mind to hire a marine insurance,


All in all, marine insurance gives the ultimate protection for your vehicle and cargo against any damages incurred.

Types of Marine Insurance

There are generally four types of marine insurance:
  • Hull Insurance
  • Marine Liability Insurance
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Freight Insurance

Hull Insurance

This type of insurance covers the losses from the damages incurred to the shipping vessels, whether it maybe yachts, commercial or passenger carrying vessel. This type of type of insurance is usually hired by the owner of those said vessels to get compensated for losses incurred during the course of the shipment.

Marine Liability Insurance

This type of insurance is bought the cover the losses against the happenstance of ship collides or crashes with other shipping vessels. It only covers damages of shipping vessels.

Cargo Insurance

This type of insurance is bought by the owner of the goods and shipments, mainly you. This may increase the cost to ship a car to Europe. However, it is essential to protect your vehicle and your goods against damages of any unforeseen happenstances.

Freight Insurance

Freight Insurance covers losses of cargo or freight incurred from any causes. It may be incurred due to loss of cargo, damages or even theft or piracy. It covers all the financial losses incurred during the shipment process to the cargo. Usually hired merchant corporation to protect their cargo from potential risks and damages.

Selecting a carrier

There are usually two types of carriers to transport the vehicle to the shipping port or retrieve from the shipping port. The cost to ship a car to Europe depends on the type of carrier you choose.
Open Carriers are usually used throughout the year. The cost to ship a car to Europe is also lower in hiring an open carrier to transport the vehicle to the shipping port. It’s better to take photos of the current condition of your vehicle prior handing over the vehicle to open carrier. As the open carrier is fully open and does not provide protection against damages from dust, debris, and bad weather.
Enclosed Carriers, are tightly shut containers and safely transport your vehicle to the shipping port without any much hassle. However, the cost to ship a car to Europe also increases by hiring these carriers.

What is Door-to-Port Auto shipping?

There is an option of hiring an auto shipping company to transport your vehicle from your home directly to the departure port. Besides, dropping off to the departure port by yourself. This comes under the field of Door-to-port auto shipping… The cost of shipping a car to Europe may increase, but it will give you the satisfaction and ease. This mode of shipment relieves from not driving your car to the departure port all by yourself.

Selecting Shipping Ports

There is also a need to choose a departure port for shipping your vehicle outside of US. The cost to ship a car to Europe highly depends on which destination port you choose.

Selecting a Departure Port

US soil is blessed with various shipping ports. There are a lot of options for you to choose from. However, we recommend you to select east coast side ports as they are much cheaper and the cost to ship a car to Europe will also decrease. Some of the most famous ports are port of Los Angeles, port of Long Beach, Port of New York, Port of Florida and Port of Virginia.

Selecting a Destination Port

Selecting the desired port could be a little tricky. In order to select a destination port, you need to know objective or aim that suits the destination port. The cost also depends on which port you choose. Here are some of the famous ports in Europe,
  1. Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands
  2. Port of Antwerp, Belgium
  3. Hamburg, Germany
  4. Bremerhaven, Germany
The cost for shipping a car to Europe gets lower in these ports.
Preparations for Car Shipping To Europe

Just like auto shipping within the United States, there are preparations you need to do in order to prepare your vehicle for shipping to Europe:

  • Before inspection of your vehicle, ensure You get your car washed inside and outside thoroughly.
  • Now start looking for dents, paint chips and rust on your vehicle.
  • Look for leakages of fluids and oil. If any leakage found, fixed it on an immediate basis.
  • Tires should properly be inflated and in good working condition.
  • Brakes must also be working properly.
  • One-quarter of a gas tank must be filled, at most.
  • Take out all the necessary documents from your vehicle, if there are any.
  • Take photos of the current condition of your vehicle before handing it off to the shipping company.

Book Your Flight

After dealing with the car shipping company and the shipping container. Now, head out to purchase your ticket for your flight. Or else, your time, resources and the cost to ship a car to Europe may increase due to any discrepancies arise dealing with these shipping carriers. Be sure to receive the bill of lading from the shipper or the original receipt of shipment from car shipping company.

Have Patience

The reason to buy your ticket late is that your car shipping company may take time to transport your vehicle to Europe. Even though you bought the ticket late, you will still reach Europe before your vehicle. Hiring an express method to deliver your car may increase the cost to ship a car to Europe. It’s better to lay-off and consider yourself as a tourist. There are lots of places and landmarks in Europe to visit and learn history. This could be a great opportunity for you to have some fun while your vehicle is transported to Europe safely.

When in Europe,

At this point, your vehicle is transported to the destination port in Europe. To retrieve your pride and joy, you have to provide the required documentation for the shipment. Any missing docs may cause delays and might increase even more on your shipping cost. The following documents must be presented to the shipping port:
  • Original Title of Documents or Bill of Lading
  • Bill of Sale
  • Your valid ID or Passport

Buy a Green Card Insurance

The buying of green card insurance is not a necessity now. However, its perks are handy driving throughout Europe. It mainly covers the losses incurred if your vehicle collides with another vehicle. Green Card Insurance is recognized throughout Europe. Therefore, It will also be pretty valuable when dealing with European Police forces who don’t understand the English language. Within the EU, it will not be such an issue. However, same cannot be said for outside the EU

As mentioned in the UK law,

“Outside the EU, a ‘green card’ proves that your insurance covers the minimum cover in the country you’re driving in.”

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