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The statement cannot be more stressed enough that shipping a car across country is as tough as it can get. You have got a lot on your mind when you decided to move to another city or a state. In that state, you are probably going to make some hasty decisions which may regret later. To avoid you to make those decisions, this article will help in every step of the way in making a sound and rational decision about shipping a car across country.
One of those decisions could either be hiring a car transport company to a ship a car across country or drive it by yourself with your family and make a road trip out of it.
Time is also the essence of this journey. If the distance is short then it could not be a big of a problem to do a road trip. However, if the distance is long, it won’t be wise to ship a car across the country by yourself.
The major difference between driving by yourself and to hire a car shipping company in the US,  can be seen under these situations.

Situation#1 Driving by Yourself

This situation is a norm and most usual form of relocation, where all you need to do is pack up things and get in the car with your family and move to your new home. You also hire a moving company to transport possessions and personal belongings to your new home.

  • Pack up your things
  • get everyone on board, and
  • Start moving to your new place.

Situation#2 Hiring an Auto Shipping Company

If the distance is long, it’s better to hire an auto shipping company to ship a car across country to your new home. On the other hand, you and family hop onto a plane and to fly to your new home.
  • Hand over your car keys to your auto moving carrier
  • Pack up your valuables in the backpack or a suitcase
  • Fasten your seat belts on the plane, and be ready to get adjusted to your new place.


Now, you might be wondering…

How Would I Ship a Car across Country?

To transport your household items and your personal belongings can be managed with some luck, and with help of friends and family members, if you are traveling to a short distance. However, shipping a car across country or within the city cannot be done, until or unless either you do it by yourself or hire someone else to do it for you. Finding a decent car transport company also takes a considerable amount of time and research.
When you are reaching out to a decent car shipping company in the US. There is a mindset which you will make you at ease to a car across country. The mindset includes few of basic requirements that you need from your car transport company.
  • You want your vehicle to be safely delivered to your new place, without any damages of any kind.
  • Your vehicle should reach its new destination in due time without any delays whatsoever.
  • You get what you pay for without any surprises, especially about the cost.
  • Your vehicle should be transported to its desired location without any hassles. So, you could put your mind on other things like adjusting to your new place.

What qualities does a good car shipping company have?

Before you select a decent car transport company to ship a car across country, you need to find out the main peculiarities of the company. What makes them different and better than the rest of the car shipping companies?
Reputation, Many of the US car shipping companies are known for their goodwill in the market. Their reputation is made by providing excellent service and satisfaction to their respective clients. Since it is service business, these well-reputed car shipping companies do their best to provide exceptional car transport service to stay at the top of the food chain.
Reliability, The companies will not stay in the market for long-term if they are not reliable enough. Auto transport companies in the US provide their credentials and licenses on their profile and their official website to showcase their reliability among the market. It gives the clients a fair chance to know their company as well, before hiring their services.
Well-experienced, The reason why the best auto transport companies differ from the rest of the car shipping companies is that how well-versed and knowledgeable they are about their work. Anyone who wants to ship a car across country or city, want to hire a company that has know-how about the usage of car shipping tools and types of equipment. No wants to hand over their car to any inexperienced car shipping company.
Economical Rates, All of the car shipping companies quirks and features will go down the drain if their prices cannot be within the reach of the client. These savvy car shipping companies also need to make their prices reasonable and affordable for the clients to avail. It matters not whether a person wants to ship a car across country or city, the low-cost of car shipping is what an individual will be going after.

How Would I find a Reliable Car Shipping Company?

There are certain steps that need to be taken to find a decent and reliable car shipping company. It is a very time-consuming and daunting task. However, In the end, you will know that it will all worth your while.

Get an Instant Estimate Quote:

Before you start on finding a decent service provider. You have to set up your budget. You cannot make up a budget to ship a car across country without getting a ballpark figure. To get an estimate on transporting your vehicle to the desired location, you find out here.

Make a Profile Online:

To get started on finding a decent car shipping company to ship a car across country. You have to make a profile in a marketplace where you will be connected with various car shipping who would undertake the task to ship a car across country. To follow the rest of the steps easier click here, and make your profile now.

Create Your Shipment

You have to create your shipment in the marketplace, where you have to put all the necessary details of your shipment. Don’t forget to leave anything out. The cost to ship a car across country or city highly depends on the information provided. When you follow this step religiously and put down all the information relevant to your shipment. The rest of the steps will not be an issue for you.

Receive and Compare the bids

When you have successfully created your shipment, you will now receive numerous bids and quotations from the various car moving companies. One of the perks of using a marketplace is that you will not be dictated to select a specific car transport service. You would have the complete authority of selecting your desired car transport service. Be sure to check each and every car transport service before you decide on to hire a transport service to ship a car across country. Remember cost is not the only point to look for, there are other factors to consider as well. That will be clarified in the latter steps.

Review their Feedback

The low-cost is not always the safest bet. You have to check their reviews and feedback given to them by real individuals just like yourself. Analyze their reviews whether they get good or bad ones for the services. There are many companies in the US who offer less but also provides bad service. It would be wasting your money if you get in touch with a badly reviewed car transporter. Hence, feedback is also a great tool to ship a car across country or within the city.

Make a Decision

After weighing out all the reviews and feedback and comparing their prices of various car shipping companies. You have to make a sound decision in order to ship a car across country. Again, it cannot be stressed enough that you don’t look out for low-cost car shipping services only.


Do you want to know which factors these car shipping companies set their prices?

Many people rack their brains for finding out the pricing factors of car shipping companies. They cannot seem to grasp the logic and reasons behind the fluctuation of car shipping rates. There are numerous factors involving the fluctuations of car shipping rates in the US to ship a car across country or states. Some of the primary factors are mentioned below:
– Distance and Location, are one of the main factors of price fluctuations of shipping a car across country or states. The more the distance, there will be more price you have to pay.
– Size of the vehicle also variates on the price to ship a car across country or city. Larger vehicles have higher cost of shipping and vice versa.
– Seasonal Factors considerably affects the price of car shipping rates. The prices of summer will differ from the prices of winter.
– Type of Car Transport, whether you choose an open or enclosed transport. It will affect the price to ship a car across country or city.
– Renowned Company, it goes without saying that the well-renowned companies will charge you extra for the goodwill of their services.
These are some of the most common factors on which these car shipping companies charge you for the services of shipping a car across country or within states
After evaluating all the above and selecting a decent car shipping company. There are certain measures and preparation you have to make for your shipment.

How to Prepare a Car for Hauling?

You have done phenomenally thus far, but let’s better not get carried away now, we still have a lot of work to do. There is a lot of planning required for preparing to ship a car across country. You really need a get a pen and paper handy for this to make a checklist.
These preparations are all for your pre-shipment.
  • Wash Your Car, wash your car thoroughly, especially the exterior body.
  • Do a Visual Inspection, check your car for any damages such as for any paint chips, dents from any fender benders and rust. If any of them found, make a note out of it. Also, take photos of your vehicle for the current condition of your car. If any damages incurred during the course of shipment, you would easily be able the claim the damages.
  • Check for Leakages, There are many auto transport companies in the US, that have no leakage policy. That means, their carrier may refuse to take your vehicle if any leakages found from your car.
  • Remove Detachable Items, ensure to remove any or all detachable items such as spoilers, antennas, GPS, and stereo, etc.
  • Empty out your fuel tank, many car transport companies in the US have a policy of ¼ of gas tank filling.
  • Disable Your Car Alarm, Ensure to disable your car alarm. If it goes off during the shipment. The driver may have the authority to disable it by any means necessary.
  • Top-off Your Anti-freeze, If you are shipping during the winter season. Ensure to top-off the antifreeze.
  • Inspect Your Tires, They should be properly inflated and in top-notch condition.
  • Top-On Your Cabrio, If you have a convertible. Be sure its top is on and fully covered.
  • Check your Car Battery, Ensure that car battery is fully charged and in proper working condition.
  • Emergency Brake, Your car’s emergency brake should be working properly.
During the inspection, if you find any problems with any part of your vehicle, be sure to notify it to your respective carrier.
Now, you are in good position to ship a car across country. When the carrier arrives and transports your vehicle to the desired location. There are also some post-shipment inspections that need to be looked into:
Inspection by Car Shipping Company, At both points, on the origin and at the destination point, the car shipping company will inspect your vehicle for any damages. It’s better for you to designate someone as your representative during both these inspections.
Sign-off on Bill of Lading, At this point, your vehicle has been transported to the designated location and you have to confirm the condition of your vehicle. If any damages incurred during the course of the shipment, make sure to note that down when you sign-off on the bill of lading.

There you have it! All you need to know about shipping a car across country

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