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When you think of a moving or transporting your vehicle to other states or a city. Hiring an auto transport company must be the first thing that may come to your mind and we don’t blame you for that. As we have reached the 21st Century, hiring an auto transport company has become a norm to transport a vehicle from point A to point B.
However, you may have forgotten one other method to transport your vehicle, is to ship a car by train. This was the thing of the past as, before the trucking companies, auto train services were hired to transport vehicles and other cargo from one place to another. This has again come back in the market as it is the more eco-friendly way to transport a vehicle.
People from all over the United States have started to hire more auto train in the last few years. Because hiring an auto train service is good for the environment. Auto train exhausts less hazardous fumes than an auto shipping trucks. It is also one of the safest methods to transport your vehicle. There are fewer traffic accidents occur on the train than on the road with hiring an auto transport service.
There are trains who give you the advantage to haul your vehicle and when you are about to move to another state. All you need is to hire an auto train service and make up your plan for the destination. The desired location is provided by the auto train services. Having to ship a car by train could be a daunting task which can become very easy if you know how it works.
An auto train service provides both private passengers and freight hauling services. When you have found out that the auto train service can carry both you and your vehicle to your desired location. What more could you ask for? All you need to do is to hire them and buy a ticket for yourself. Sit back and relax and enjoy the beautiful view from your passenger window.
The other reason to ship a car by train, it is one of the fastest modes of transportation.
You must have experienced yourself as well, due to traffic jams and roadblocks how many times have you been late for work or late for an appointment or had an important meeting with a client? That is not the case with traveling by train, is it?
Similarly, shipping a car by train, there are not any traffic jams or roadblocks, or even any protests or rally on the streets that an engineer has to worry about. The speed of the train also never slows to any steep places and goes on its average speed. That ensures the accuracy of time to reach the destination.
No need to care for your vehicle’s mileage and stay with your vehicle for every step of the way. There is also no need for hire someone to haul your vehicle to the train station. As you are about to go there yourself, you would definitely drive your vehicle to train station and drive off from the designated station.
However, you can also hire a door-to-door transport service. Where a professional car shipping company will haul your vehicle from your location to the desired train station and will pick up your vehicle from the train station to your desired location.
Similar to auto transport, there are two ways to ship a car by train. One is in an open trailer and the other inside a trailer or enclosed container. An open trailer is an even more cost-effective mode of transportation. However, using this mode of transportation the vehicle is vulnerable to getting damages and scratches from the flying debris and bad weather conditions.
Unlike open containers, enclosed container prevents the vehicle from any outside elements without causing any damage to the vehicle. However, these enclosed trailers are rather expensive as compared to opened ones. These trailers are usually hired during the bad weather conditions or when there is an expensive or exotic vehicle that needs transporting.
Whether there is extreme weather or not, unlike auto transportation by truck or carrier. The train takes stop to certain stations only. Nevertheless, it goes on until it reaches its designated station.
One of the advantages of shipping a car by train, it has fewer miles on your vehicle’s odometer. Driving by yourself will definitely boost your miles at an exponential rate. To prevent the wear and tear expenses of your vehicle, it is well-advised to hire an auto train service to haul your vehicle.
Since transporting vehicle by train is mostly safe and secure. Therefore, insurance rates of covering the unintended loss or damages during the course of the shipment are also lower.
There are many pros of shipping a car by train. However, there are some of the cons as well.
Let’s discuss both of them.

How to Ship a Car by Train?

Besides having lower disadvantages of having to ship a car by train. There is still a disadvantage that really needs to be paying an undivided attention.
You all must have heard of Amtrak services of transporting both goods and passengers on their train. Even though Amtrak has a good track on the internet but the statistics say otherwise.
Amtrak is prone to having accidents since the ‘70s. There have been many cases of accidents caused by Amtrak and hundreds of people have lost their lives and thousands have been injured to date. There is even a list of accidents on Amtrak due to derailments and collisions.
Recently, on February, Amtrak train crashed into a stationary freight train that killed 2 people and having 116 people injured.
Weighing out all the pros and cons of hiring an auto train service, it is well-advised have an insurance coverage for your life and the safety of your goods and vehicle.
Taking the line from “Curb Your Enthusiasm”  

“Having said that”,

After hiring an auto train service to ship a car by train and yourself, there are some of the key points that you should be looking into. These also include some of the things you can do during your travel. These points are mentioned below,

Check In Early

Ensure to come an hour before the train starts its journey. It will give you an ample amount of time to deal with the transport agents for verifying your vehicle. You would also make sure that all your required documents for transportation are in check and ready to load on to the trailer. After dealing with the transporting agent. You can now have yourself checked on to the train.

Baggage Policy

There is a baggage policy that you have to abide by in order to able to board the train. The policies of an auto train and other train stations are different. Normally, it enables you to bring along two 50 pounds at most travel luggage and two or three handbags such as a (purse and a blanket) which can be put on the overhead bins easily. Any more excess luggage would cost you extra.

Make Yourself At Home

Once you have dealt with train and transport representatives. It’s now time to sit back and relax and enjoy the beginning of your journey. See the beautiful view from the side window. Be sure to bring a throw pillow or a nice book to read for your travel.

Take a Break and Explore!

Traveling isn’t just about the going on your journey and minding your business of the entire trip. There are lots of things to do, places to explore and people to meet. You don’t know what and who’d you meet. There are times when famous celebs or writers are also taking the train for inspiration. Wouldn’t it be a good opportunity for you to mingle and meet new people?

Roomy Accommodations

Get used to the spacious accommodations provided in the train. Unlike traveling in an airplane, there is a lot of room on the seats of the train for the overnight sleep. Some people hire the whole berth or a room if their travel is over a day or two.  

Capture The Moments

When you are on the train, there will be a beautiful scenery which can be seen from your window. It’s time to start taking some serious selfies and snapshots of those precious moments of your travel.

Homemade Gourmet

Some trains have a policy that allows you to bring snacks and food along with you. What better way to travel than by bringing your favorite gourmet made by your mom’s homemade recipe. It’s nice to share it with your fellow passengers as well.

Charge Your Devices

Many traveling passengers do not care for charging their devices for using it throughout the journey. They rather go and talk to people and make new friends. However, if this is not your cup of tea and you want to be left alone with your mobile devices. There is always a socket beside every passenger seat for them to charge their devices.

Free Wifi

Almost all trains provide free wifi to their passengers. Even though you would probably want to talk to people and view the beautiful scenery from your window during the day. However, the same cannot be done during the evening or at night. It would be a great idea that you download some music or movies, so you can watch them at night. Ensure to keep your headphones handy so the other passengers wouldn’t be disturbed.


Bon Voyage!

Have a safe trip! Be sure to have wonderful memories and savor those moments with a camera.


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