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You reading this article most likely indicates that you are contemplating about shipping a car from Florida to California. There may be a legion of reasons why one would want to ship a car. Circumstances and possibilities are endless when it comes to shipping your car from one place to another. You might have bought your dream car, you have transferred from one city to another due to college etc. The traveling distance between Florida to California is a humongous 2700+ miles. What allures people in the procedure of driving themselves is when they assume that the only expense they would be having is the fuel of vehicle but you may get baffled by the fact that you will also need to add the cost of food and accommodation expense while you are on the road. What good does it do if it’s a high-cost way? and also drains your energy because of consistently driving for long hours. The best possible way is to hire a professional auto transporter services company.
But before you proceed further in handing over your car to the car shipper there is some due diligence you need to make and some measures you have to take in order to make a hassle free and a smoothly settled deal between you and the car shipping service. They are mentioned as below with a concentrated version of it:

Measures one needs to take while shipping a car from Florida to California:

  • Your driver has to have a Valid Driving license.
  • The vehicle being shipped needs to be duly Insured and registered.
  • Take pictures of your car from every angle so that you have a documented proof of the situation of your car before you dispatched it to the auto transporter. Washing it and to have an inspection document prepared with the mutual understanding of auto transporter and you are also imperative.
  • Let the vehicle shipping company know your concerns about the vehicle.
  • Although reliable auto transport companies have full coverage of insurance just to stay protected from any kind of harm you may consider purchasing additional insurance for your car.
  • Make sure that you will be able to receive the vehicle in California, otherwise, you may hire a proxy to do so.
  • Give an ample amount of time to yourself while researching about auto transport companies and evaluate these companies form every aspect and only then come to a conclusion. Compare different quotes from companies while having in mind that you have to look at the overall value company is providing instead of just looking at quotes.


Cost of Car shipping from Florida to California:

A rough estimate of shipping vehicle between these two states begins from 900+ and is dependent on several factors which include:
  1. Vehicle size: Making the assumption that larger the vehicle size more the cost is a child’s play which also implies here. 
  2. Delivery Time: If you can’t wait to see your car in California then it may come with a cost attached to it.
  3. Season affect: If you got a little unlucky and are bound to ship your car in a limited time by hook or by crook in the season when tourists are coming in like a flock of birds then you have to bear the additional cost anyhow.


For additional costs such as damage incurred during the transit of vehicle can be claimed if and if you have the documented proof that it wasn’t there before the inspection of the car.

When will my vehicle arrive in California:

The average time it takes to ship a vehicle from Florida to California is 7 to 10 days. In case of any unsought event, there is no guarantee of this average time period.

Why hire an auto transporter for your vehicle:

There are several reasons why you should not drive your car yourself and hire a car shipping company to do so:
  • The car is insured: The reliable auto transport companies assure the delivery of safe and sound shipping of your vehicle because of its full coverage insurance so you don’t have to worry about the damages happening during the transit as you have paid for the insurance.
  • No depreciation: Since your car has been shipped by the help of a car carrier so not a single part of it may be used during its transit so no depreciation exists here and on the other hand when you drive yourself to auto ship to California from Florida. You have really put the tires and engine in a hard time and also exhausted the suspension of the cars.
  • Fixed expense: All you have to pay for is the cost of the service that the auto transporter has rendered you by availing this service you have set yourself free form the tautness of any kind of additional costs.
The distance to Autoship from Florida and to ship the car to California may be long but using smart and efficient ways which are hiring a vehicle transporter service may turn the circumstances into your benefit and is the smart choice to make. So, shipping your car from Florida to California with the help of a vehicle transporter is the best way as you can enjoy your trip or your vacations with complete freedom along with all the tantrums being dealt by the auto transporter.

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