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Are you going to buy a new car? Do you know the delivery process? If the answer is no, then let me tell you. This process starts when you place an order and ends at when you get the delivery.
By reading this, You would probably think that “it is quite simple”
But actually, it is not that much easy as it looks like. It consumes a lot of time.

Make sure that you are tolerable enough before placing the order as the delivery may take more time than you expect.

Here is some detail about, How does a car take to arrive

Are you looking for a specific brand of car?

Have you ever visited a local dealership and didn’t find any particular model of Ford car that you want? There is no need to worry. You may place your pre-order for the desired model with your car dealer.

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When you order a vehicle, it takes a long time to deliver. Sometimes, you can’t even know the progress of your vehicle’s delivery.
But now you can keep your eye on your vehicle’s location and keep updated by using Ford vehicle tracking system.

To track your vehicle, Ford order tracking

You may check the delivery status of your car by using ford vehicle tracking system even when your car is on the way.
Ford order tracking is a very simple process, you just need some manufacturing information of your vehicle.

Here is the information that you will need in order to track your vehicle.

Factory Order Form

First You will need a factory order form to track your vehicle as it contains all necessary information, such as Type of vehicle, model number, dealership code, body, and the most important thing is vehicle order number.
Make sure you have checked the complete information of your vehicle that you ordered.

VIN Number

As you know that, Fingerprints of all humans are different from each other.
Same applies to the car, The VIN number works as a fingerprint and it makes all vehicle different from each other.

The VIN Number known as (Vehicle Identification Number) contains 17 Alpha-numeric Pins.
Ask your dealer for the VIN Number, you will need it in the further process of ford vehicle tracking.

Learn why VIN number is important?


Contact the Dealership

By collecting all the information, now you are able to track your vehicle. You just need to make a call to the dealership customer service representative.
The representative will ask you the Vehicle Identification Number.
By the provided VIN number they will trace your car and will give you the information about the recent location of your car.

Online Tracking

What if you do not have a VIN number or you have missed it?
You may check the status of your vehicle by using Factory order form.
For the ford vehicle tracking, you just need to visit the official website of Ford fleet and create a user account.  
If you are tired of creating lots of accounts on different websites and now you are not willing to make one more. Don’t worry! You have one more option. You may contact the Vehicle order processing center by using the number available on ford fleet website.

Ford Fleet Contact: 1-800-343-5338

Now you can keep an eye on your parked vehicle by using the ford vehicle tracking system. You may download the Ford mobile app from google play or App store.

Ford introduced its new system called “telematics” the police department is using this system to keep an eye on their officer’s driving such as speed limits, belt usage, and other factors.

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