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One of the greatest regulation of this beautiful country known as The United States of America is that it frees its citizens from all the unnecessary paperwork that is required as compulsive by most of the other countries. Countries like Japan, that has one of the highest rates of bureaucracies in the entire world.
Whether you want to buy a gun, a car or even want to ship a car within the United States. The paperwork of acquiring these items are very easy to gain access.

What documents needed to ship a car to the US?

The paperwork of shipping a car within the United States is relatively much easier than the rest of the many countries. However, the paperwork is still there to do and be adhered to by the law.
Basically, to ship a car within the United States, you would require having the following documents with you,
Title of the Vehicle, also known as a pink slip. It is a legal registration form, representing the ownership of the vehicle. The original form should be sent with the vehicle itself and the copy should be kept for the booking.
Personal Identification, The other requirement is to present a photo identification for verification purposes. That includes two copies identification of an individual by the government (driver’s license, passport, etc.)
Evidence of Ownership or a Bill of Sale, the document that is the bill of sale or evidence of ownership is required to be provided for the shipment.
Notarized Letter, a part of the evidence of ownership. This is required to be present when the vehicle is owned by a lease. In that case, an official notarized letter must be signed and stamped by the lien holder. Allowing the release of that particular leased item. Mainly, the lien holder is the bank that grants a loan to own a vehicle. The original form of the notarized letter must be presented and be shipped along with the leased vehicle.

What documents needed to ship a car overseas?

These documents are only mandatory to present in order to ship your vehicle within the United States.
On the other hand, Shipping a car overseas is a daunting and painstaking task. There are a lot of considerations you need to undertake, minding and adhering to the laws of the other countries. There may not be much of a hassle within the US but shipping a vehicle across the country is a different story.
For that, you need a lot of preparations and get used to various policies and regulations of other countries. So that your vehicle doesn’t get stuck at the port to some other country because of any negligence made by your end.
Here are the documents that are essential for auto transport paperwork overseas.
Title of the Vehicle, a car title representing the ownership of the vehicle. The original form should be sent along with the vehicle and three certified copies should be presented at the booking.
Personal Identification, the shipper is liable to present an unexpired photo identification in order to ship the vehicle.
Evidence of Ownership or a Bill of Sale, this document is imperative to present, especially when the car is being exported.
Notarized Letter, When the car is the financed on a lease, the lien holder must be notified about the export or shipping overseas. In return, lien holder must confirm the notification and sign upon the letter with a notarized stamp. This letter approves the official the gateway to shipment process to go underway.
Coverage of Freight, An adequate insurance coverage must be provided to the vehicle for any damages that might occur during the course of the shipment overseas.
Evidence of Sales Tax, the shipper is liable to provide evidence of sales tax paid in full and there is no pending tax left to pay.
Import Duty, the shipper is required to render the evidence of paid tax levied on the vehicle, in order to safely ship the vehicle without any setbacks.
Power of Attorney (POA), if the shipper has hired someone or gives complete authority to a third-person or a broker. Third-person is liable to present the power of attorney in order to legally operate the export or import on the shipper’s behalf.

Do You Need Insurance to Ship a Car?

Yes, definitely. The need for insurance is always necessary the shipping of cars from one place to another. There is no guarantee when an unforeseen calamity might occur during the course of the shipment.
Therefore, FMCSA has enforced the law of every vehicle hauling companies to provide sufficient insurance policies to counter these unforeseen calamities.
For insurance and safety of the vehicle, there are lots of ways a shipper pays more for the protection of the shipment. One of the most common ways of ensuring an extra protection is hiring an enclosed transport carrier.

What to Know When Shipping a Car?

When you are about to ship your car to across the state or overseas, there are some of the necessary precautions you have to take in order to transport your pride and joy safely and securely.
If you are planning to ship overseas, you need pay heed to the following,

Type of Car Shipping Service

The first notion that always comes to mind when shipping a vehicle overseas would be the type of shipping service you have to hire. There are lots of ways to ship your vehicle to the desired shipping port.
You can go by yourself and ship the vehicle on to a ramp and into the car deck. You could also hire someone to do the same.
There are mainly two shipping services to ship cars across the states.

RORO (Roll On, Roll Off)

RORO is the one of uncomplexed and easy and cost-effective mode of transport across the states. In RORO, the vehicles are rolled on a ramp to a shipping dock, where they are properly hooked from beneath the deck’s floor.
Hooking them with the floor mitigates the chances of cars from touching each other. There are numerous cars parked on the car deck. They are also parked parallel to each other in order to avoid any damage during the shipment process.

Hiring a Container

Another method to ship a car across the country is to hire a shipping container. There are two types of shipping containers 20-ft shipping container and 40-ft shipping container. Hiring a shipping is closely related to hiring an enclosed carrier.
Containers are also enclosed and are tightly shut to prevent the damages from the outside elements. Therefore, they are much more costly than hiring a RORO. Maximum cars that can be loaded on to a 20-ft container are two. The cost of shipping can be divided between two different owners.
On the other hand, hiring a 40-ft container can be a lot more cheaper as the 40-ft container has the maximum capacity or full container load (FCL) of 4 vehicles. The cost of hiring a shipping container can further be divided among four different shippers.

Hiring a Reliable Auto Transport Service

This is also one of the fundamentals of shipping your vehicle overseas. The need for hiring a reliable auto transport service rises high as when you are about to ship your vehicle overseas. There are many transport service who might ruin your shipment.
One of the easiest methods to get in touch with a reliable auto transport service is to look them up online and ask for their bids. After asking them and then compare their prices and services against their rivals.
Always remember that the price alone should not be the ultimate deciding factor in hiring a car transport service. The services are also needed to be looked into and put into consideration.
Once you have weighed out all the pros and cons of their shipping service providers. Hire the one which you think is the best candidate to transport your vehicle across the country.

Can I Ship a Car Without a Title?

Technically, no. However, there is a way where you can ship a vehicle without the title. If you have an inoperable vehicle that has taken your garage space for too long. You don’t know what to do with it as you lost the title of ownership of your vehicle. This could really put you in bit of a pickle.
Such as the law at Florida, if you are a resident there. Your vehicle needs to fulfil the following criteria in order to be sold out to a junker.
  • The car model must be older than 10 years.
  • The car must have the net value of less than a $1000.
  • You have to fill necessary paperwork.
  • Requires the seller’s thumbprint and the copy of the driver’s license.
There are junkers in Florida who would help you with your junk car.
On the other hand, if you are living in a state where you are not allowed to your junk car. Don’t worry. We have some tips of our own to help you to make the most of your junk car.

Sell Out Your Best Parts

Time to get a little greasy. One of the simplest ways to start making some hard cash on your inoperable vehicle is to sell the parts that are actually working perfectly. All you need to do now is get your hands a little dirty. Take out the parts and sell them to any local auto parts shop. These items could be your suspension, brakes, radiator, etc.

Selling Out Your Tyres

If the tyres of the inoperable vehicle are still in working condition. Then, take them out and wash them thoroughly. Make them as good as new. Once you have completely cleaned your tyres, you would be able sell at a very decent price.

Apply for a Title

After you have sold all the valuable parts of your vehicle. You still find that your salvage covering the space of your garage. What better way to get rid of your vehicle than by applying for a salvage title.
Once you have acquired the salvage title to your vehicle, you would be eligible to sell the rest of your car to salvage company easily.

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