What is Car Carrier
The most common method for car transport is called car carrier. It includes the transportation of SUVs, Trucks, tractors and even motorcycles. Car carrier trucks have several types of arrangements for the transfer of cars from one destination to another. The car carrier trailer which is usually used for the transportation of a car is double-decker trailers or also known as double level trailers. It has the capacity to hold 10 cars with the help of its hydraulic ramps.
Most of the people think that these huge trailers are only used for the purpose of shipping to the dealers and for them whereas it is typically used for the hauling of private cars. The car owner might be shifting to another state or if they have aligned a vacation, apart from the transfer of luggage the other thing you would be pondering on must be your car or can be people who want to travel the world. Car carrier trailers primarily are hauling private cars but it deals with corporations too for the movement of cars to dealerships. Other functions of it include moving cars that are shown in auctions. There is again a subdivision of category in these carriers which are Open auto transport and Enclosed auto transport.

Open car carrier trailer:

A good auto transport company will always hire competent staff and the truckers will take good care of the cargo they are given the responsibility of, but you need to inculcate in mind that open car carriers are vulnerable to all the ailments such as the dust factor, rain, wind etc which may damage the car. During the transit, the car may get scratches due to the vibrations of the road although it’s well wrapped with all the necessary scrutiny measures. Though it is a carrier service which is faster in delivering the car and available at affordable prices and also secure to use but open auto transport will not entertain the measures you need to take for exotic luxury cars.

Enclosed car carrier:

There are cars owners who are intolerable even towards the most insignificant scratch mark on their car. Classic cars also prefer the use of enclosed car carriers because the decade-old paint on them are worth a lot of dollars which is why they avoid the vulnerability open car trailer brings along with it. It protects your vehicle from almost every kind of damage but you have to pay the price for its immunity. The reason that makes enclosed car carrier expensive is that sometimes it’s a single car carrier or can carry mostly 5 cars at a time. Saying that you will pay a higher price but will get an equally delightful reward for you lying on the couch and your vehicle delivered in a safe and sound manner at your doorstep.

Car carrier Ship:

Giant companies of auto transport needed a way to move its vehicles so car carrier shipping became its savior. These RO-RO ships are not only able to carry cars along with it but can also carry buses, containers, and excavators etc. When the cargo has reached the port the car carrier ship also does the tiring work of unloading and offloading the vehicles. The machinery such as forklifts, auxiliary trucks are equipping it which makes it possible to do so. With the advent of massive advancement in technology it has segregated car carrier shipping into more categories that are:  
  • Pure car carrier.
  • Pure car and truck carrier
The name says it all in pure car carrier its all about the transportation of vehicles and no other thing. A regular Pure car carrier ship may carry 2 to 10 vehicles at a time.  
Although the pure car and truck carrier carries car also but along with that it also has trucks, construction machinery. Its multi-level decks make this humongous transfer of different kind of vehicles and machinery possible.

Auto carrier rental:

There’s this one surprising way of towing your broken car which is known as car carrier rental service. If you have those adventurous hormones in you or want to be smart with your money then car carrier rental service is for you. In this kind of car carrier, you yourself will rent a car carrier truck to tow your car and drive yourself to your desired location. This smart option may also be considered while selecting a car carrier service.


Now when you know all of the possible ways of your car transport the ball is in your court and fooling you is no duck soup. You should choose any of the methods that satisfy you. You can get the inexpensive deal (Open car carrier ), you can get the deal which is a valuable deal yet expensive but eventually, it will create a balance in exchange of value (enclosed car carrier). You may grab the high tech deal yet economical (Car carrier ship) and last but not the least you may also get the work done and have the Hercules like feel by choosing car carrier rental.  

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