What is Driveaway Service
Driveaway service is the service of hiring a professional driver to drive a particular vehicle to the designated location. The driver could either pick up the vehicle from the customer’s home or the customer could drive up to the driveaway company and the driver could take it from there.

What are the methods of Driveaway Service?

There are basically two methods of driveaway service.
One method of the driving service is to pick up from your location and be driven to your desired location directly.
The other method is for you to drop-off your vehicle to the auto driveaway service. From there, a professional driver will undertake the task of driving your vehicle to your desired location.

Reasons for Hiring Driveaway Service

The purpose and reason of hiring a driveaway service are to have a professional driver takes the responsibility to drive the vehicle to a designated location. The cost is usually cheap for hiring a professional driver to take your wheels to the designated spot.
Another major reason for hiring auto driveaway service is because of the faster mode of transportation. As compared to a car shipping truck, where it takes weeks to transport your vehicle.
By hiring an auto driveaway service, a professional driver would drive your vehicle within days and for fewer a price.
Auto driveaway is ideal to hire if the route is short. There aren’t restrictions of miles on auto driveaway service driver as there are for car shipping truckers.
Car shipping truckers have been restricted with driving hours of services on the road.
As mentioned in the FMCSA’s New Hours-of-Safety Regulations,

The hours of services of truck drivers have been reduced from 82 hours to 70 hours.

Hence, hiring truckers to haul your vehicle could be a time-consuming ordeal whereas the hiring a service of driveaway could be better if the time is of the essence.

What does it cost to hire a Driveaway Service?

The cost of hiring a driveaway service is a flat fee followed up by the cost of fuel and lodgings and any miscellaneous expenses incurred while on the road. All of the expenses will be properly quoted by the auto driveaway company.
For example, the company may charge you a flat fee of $400 from Dallas to Detroit which is excluding the fuel and lodging cost. The distance is around 999 miles.
The cost of fuel for 999 miles would be around $100 for fuel and a night lodging would cost around $50 per night. The drive time of Dallas, TX to Detroit, MI is 18 hours and 34 minutes.  The overall cost would be $600 if the driver takes two days of night lodgings.
On the other hand, the cost of hiring an auto transport service would cost around $800

That is a saving of $200 right there!

How much does a Driveaway Company Insurance have?

Driveaway Company has an insurance ranging from $1 million to $2 million. These insurance are made to provide a safety and a peace of mind to the customers who tend to hire their services.

Things To Do Before Handing Over Your Car

There are several things you need to do prior to handing over your car to drive away company. These include some precautionary measures and a little bit research.

Do a little Research

Don’t go handing over your car willy-nilly to any tom, dick or harry. You ought to do a little research first about the company. There are many low-rated companies out there, little research would save you from lowly rated ones.

Ask for Credentials

Don’t let anyone handle your pride and joy that easily. Inquire about the driver’s credentials first. That includes,
  • The Driver’s Licence.
  • Proof of insurance.
  • Proper references from the driveaway company.
  • MVR (Motion Violation Report) generation must be allowed by the driver.

The Cons and Setbacks in the Driveaway Industry

With all those benefits of hiring auto driveaway service, these services, however, have become obsolete. These services were hired two or three decades ago when the people could entrust anyone to do the job.
The same cannot be said today, as there are numerous fraudulent companies and drivers out there, who wouldn’t care to think for one second when they loot you.
Another reason for the decline in auto driveaway industry is the rise of auto transport industry. These industries have been on the map for quite some time.
The advent of the internet and e-commerce industry also take their toll on the decline of auto driveaway industry. The internet literally puts the auto driveaway industry out of the market entirely.
Now, you would rarely see an auto driveaway service on ads or newspaper or even on the internet. As the communication and gap between the transporter and the customer get narrower, people are more looking forward to hire a car trucking company rather than a driveaway service.
In this day and age, if you are looking to hire someone to transport your vehicle. Then, hiring a reliable auto transport company would be the safest bet for you.
It has become much easier for the customers to hire auto transport carriers. Auto transport carriers have the capacity of loading 8 to 10 cars on the back of their trailer. Hence, the cost of shipping is divided among different shippers.
If you are also looking for a fast and reliable way to transport your vehicle from one place to another. It is well-advised for you to hire an auto shipping company.
To get connected with a reliable auto transport company, you can sign-up at Auto Transport City (ATC). It is a marketplace where hundreds of car shipping companies who are at your disposal to offer solutions to your car shipping hassle.

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